If you ever wonder what it means to be a PM360 ELITE (Exceptional Leaders, Innovators, Transformers, and Entrepreneurs), then I have one word for you: Best. Don’t worry about the acronym (though it is cool if you can remember that as well). These people are simply the best. They are the best at launching products, starting companies, mining and understanding data, cultivating new talent, navigating the digital world, mentoring the next-generation, developing groundbreaking strategies, building technological achievements, growing revenue, coming up with envy-inducing creative, and leading—and transforming—companies. They are just the best the industry has the offer.

That is why we couldn’t be more thrilled to share the winners of our 5th Annual ELITE Awards. And that starts with the person who stands out the most out of all of this year’s winners—our Uber ELITE David Spetzler, MS, MBA, PhD, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Caris Life Sciences. As a leading innovator in molecular science, David is helping to develop proprietary advanced technologies to fulfill the promise of personalized treatment for those with cancer.

As the keynote speaker at this year’s ELITE Awards Event, you can hear more about how David is advancing personalized cancer medicine on Tuesday, July 16th at Manhattan’s 230 FIFTH. But you can also enjoy the company of all our other winners on a rooftop overlooking the NYC skyline. To find out why you won’t want to miss the chance to meet these ELITE people, read all about them on the following pages.

The ELITE Awards honors people in the following 17 categories:

  • Creative Directors: Marketers known for their daring creative and jealousy-inducing campaigns.
  • Data Miners: Individuals who specialize in analytics and can turn hordes of numbers and research into actionable insight.
  • Digital Crusaders: Those who advance digital channel applications or platforms to transform marketing and/or company operations.
  • Disrupters: Fearless individuals who disrupt the status quo to revolutionize the industry.
  • Entrepreneurs: Visionary risk-takers who develop new companies to answer unmet needs.
  • Launch Experts: Marketers with significant success in bringing a new drug to market or in revitalizing markets for an older drug.
  • Leaders of the Future: Up-and-comers who display the characteristics of an emerging leader.
  • Marketing Teams: Teams that have achieved great marketing success together as a group.
  • Master Educators: People who revolutionize the way patients/doctors learn and absorb information.
  • Mentors: The role models others aspire to emulate.
  • Patient Advocates: Those who make sure patients’ voices are heard and needs are met.
  • PR Gurus: Communication experts who are masters at spreading news and good publicity.
  • Sales MVPs: Company sales leaders who do an outstanding job of building revenue and nurturing company growth.
  • Strategists: People with a sixth sense for what works—and the ability to predict what the industry needs to do to remain relevant.
  • Talent Acquisition Leaders: The industry’s top job recruiters and HR executives.
  • Tech-know Geeks: Innovators who spearhead technological breakthroughs that reshape the industry.
  • Transformational Leaders: People who change the way companies operate.

The 2019 ELITE Winners are:


ELITE 2019 Uber Winner David Spetzler of Caris Life Sciences

Creative Directors

ELITE 2019 Creative Director Jody Van Swearingen of AbelsonTaylor

ELITE 2019 Creative Director Marinella Georgino of precisioneffect

ELITE 2019 Creative Director Mike Nuckols of VIVO Agency

Data Miners

ELITE 2019 Data Miner Fabio Gratton of inVibe Labs

ELITE 2019 Data Miner Ilya Vedrashko of Syneos Health

ELITE 2019 Data Miner Jeff Catlin of Lexalytics

ELITE 2019 Data Miner Justin Freid of CMI/Compas

ELITE 2019 Data Miner Louis Sanquini of Healthagen, CVS Health

ELITE 2019 Data Miner Whitney Kemper of Crossix

Digital Crusaders

ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader AJ Triano of GSW, a Syneos Health company

ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Alexandra McMenomy of Pfizer

ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Don Feiler of Calcium

ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Jeordan Legon of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Kira Pole-Ramirez of Pfizer, Inc.

ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Leslie C Amendola of Janssen Oncology

ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Leyla Shamayeva of Verywell

ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Mary Ray of MyHealthTeams

ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Michael Ruta of AMAG Pharmaceuticals

ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Tara Gill of Bristol-Myers Squibb


ELITE 2019 Disrupter Alisa Shakarian of Cambridge BioMarketing

ELITE 2019 Disrupter Daniel Seewald of Deliberate Innovation

ELITE 2019 Disrupter Dwight Williams of Genentech

ELITE 2019 Disrupter Kate Steiner of AbbVie

ELITE 2019 Disrupter Natalie McDonald of Create NYC

ELITE 2019 Disrupter Phil Rackliffe of kaléo

ELITE 2019 Disrupter Pro Bose of The Bloc

ELITE 2019 Disrupter Robert Sarrazin of GSK Consumer Healthcare

ELITE 2019 Disrupter Tara Balboni of Snow Companies

ELITE 2019 Disrupter Thad L. Bench, Sr. of BW Health Group


ELITE 2019 Entrepreneur Daniel W. Weinstein of Oshi Health, Inc.

ELITE 2019 Entrepreneur Faruk Capan of Intouch Group

ELITE 2019 Entrepreneur Janet Kosloff of InCrowd, Inc.

ELITE 2019 Entrepreneur Laura Shafner of AiCure

ELITE 2019 Entrepreneur Sam Glassenberg of Level Ex

ELITE 2019 Entrepreneur Vimal Narayanan of MedTrix Healthcare LLC

ELITE 2019 Entrepreneurs Parth Khanna, Kumar Erramilli, and Kapil Kalra of ACTO

Launch Experts

ELITE 2019 Launch Expert Amol Luktuke of AbbVie

ELITE 2019 Launch Expert Amy Williams of Avanos Medical

ELITE 2019 Launch Expert Andrea Geppert of Strongbridge Biopharma

ELITE 2019 Launch Expert Joe Cappello of AmerisourceBergen

ELITE 2019 Launch Expert Sally Collins of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

ELITE 2019 Launch Expert Shannyn A. Smith of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd

ELITE 2019 Launch Expert Todd Miller of Ortho Dermatologics

ELITE 2019 Launch Experts Wing Yeung and Pegah Moghaddam of Genentech

Leaders of the Future

ELITE 2019 Leader of the Future Axelle Basso Bondini of Healix Global

ELITE 2019 Leader of the Future Jonathan Rogers of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

ELITE 2019 Leader of the Future Justin Khalifa of Beghou Consulting

ELITE 2019 Leader of the Future Kelly Mizer of Sarepta Therapeutics

ELITE 2019 Leader of the Future Marian Rice of AbbVie

ELITE 2019 Leader of the Future Tameka M. Nicholson of AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

Marketing Teams

ELITE 2019 Marketing Team AMAG Pharmaceuticals Digital Engagement and Women’s Health Patient Marketing Teams

ELITE 2019 Marketing Team Butler/Till Health Group Otezla Digital Team

ELITE 2019 Marketing Team CooperSurgical, Inc. Paragard Marketing Team

ELITE 2019 Marketing Team COSENTYX Rheumatology Marketing Team

ELITE 2019 Marketing Team Edwards Lifesciences Transcatheter Heart Valve Global Marketing Team

ELITE 2019 Marketing Team Lucemyra Marketing Team

ELITE 2019 Marketing Team Managed Markets Marketing—Psychiatry Team

ELITE 2019 Marketing Team Pfizer-BMS Alliance Payer Marketing Team

Master Educators

ELITE 2019 Master Educator Andrea Heslin Smiley of VMS BioMarketing

ELITE 2019 Master Educator Benjamin Houghtaling of Wunderman Thompson Health

ELITE 2019 Master Educator Margaret Berg of Core-Rx Communications

ELITE 2019 Master Educator Paul Kudlow of TrendMD


ELITE 2019 Mentor Angela Tenuta of Intouch Group

ELITE 2019 Mentor Chadi Nabhan of Aptitude Health

ELITE 2019 Mentor Greg Rice of Katalyst – part of the Klick Family

ELITE 2019 Mentor John Jaeger of Decision Resources Group

Patient Advocates

ELITE 2019 Patient Advocate Brian Greenberg of Chronically Better You and Remedy Health Media

ELITE 2019 Patient Advocate Julie Cosgrove of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

PR Gurus

ELITE 2019 PR Guru Ken Li of CG Life

ELITE 2019 PR Guru Nicole Grubner of Finn Partners

Sales MVPs

ELITE 2019 Sales MVP Chris Dowd of ConnectiveRx

ELITE 2019 Sales MVP David Shronk of Health Union

ELITE 2019 Sales MVP Marcie Goodale of Continuum Clinical


ELITE 2019 Strategist Andrea Palmer of Publicis Health Media

ELITE 2019 Strategist Ian Marks of GSK Consumer Healthcare

ELITE 2019 Strategist Jackie Kent of Medidata Solutions

ELITE 2019 Strategist Janet Reimund of CSL Behring

ELITE 2019 Strategist Leslie Jamison of Klick Health

ELITE 2019 Strategist Lisa Talbot of Marina Maher Communications (MMC) and RXMOSAIC Health

ELITE 2019 Strategist Lori Holland-Hancock of Merck & Co. Inc.

ELITE 2019 Strategist Marla Kessler of IQVIA

ELITE 2019 Strategist Michael Zilligen of Ogilvy Health

ELITE 2019 Strategist Rachel Hansard of Sanofi Genzyme

ELITE 2019 Strategist Sagar Anisingaraju of Saama Technologies

ELITE 2019 Strategist Stacy Patterson of QBFox Healthcomm

Talent Acquisition Leaders

ELITE 2019 Talent Acquisition Leader Deborah Hankin of W2O Group

ELITE 2019 Talent Acquisition Leader Lisa Tamborello of Elevate

Tech-know Geeks

ELITE 2019 Tech-Know Geek David Guthrie of PatientPoint

ELITE 2019 Tech-Know Geek David Sakadelis of Heartbeat

ELITE 2019 Tech-Know Geek Matt Irwin of Confideo Labs

Transformational Leaders

ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Akil Hunte of Neurocrine Biosciences

ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Aneil Batra of Novo Nordisk

ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Frank Sanders of Sage Therapeutics

ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Jennifer Fillman of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions

ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Kristin Ficks Ainsworth of TESARO

ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Mike Cunnion of Remedy Health Media

ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Shaun Urban of The Inception Company

ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Sherri Wilkins of Carling Communications

ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Thomas Gad of Y-mAbs


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