ELITE 2019 Entrepreneurs Parth Khanna, Kumar Erramilli, and Kapil Kalra of ACTO

Parth Khanna

Chief Executive Officer


Kumar Erramilli

Chief Technology Officer


Kapil Kalra

Chief Customer Officer


Left to right: Parth Khanna, Kumar Erramilli, and Kapil Kalra

Tackling the Commercialization Challenge

Parth Khanna, Kapil Kalra, and Kumar Erramilli, the founders of ACTO, are on a mission to improve treatment access by disrupting how drugs and devices are commercialized globally. ACTO Commercialization Cloud for Life Sciences is the only one-stop-shop sales, marketing, and training platform designed to help life sciences companies effectively communicate their clinical evidence story, increase sales, and gather powerful field intelligence.

As roommates at the University of Waterloo, they engaged in many “what if” conversations about technology’s creative possibilities. Who knew they would go on to transform healthcare?

Since finding product-market fit in early 2017, ACTO has helped over 50 life sciences companies effectively communicate their clinical evidence story and achieved over 2,970% revenue growth. In 2018, the company doubled its customer base to include top life sciences companies such as Philips, AstraZeneca, and Teleflex.

However, like many entrepreneurs, their journey was far from linear. In 2014, they built an industry agnostic corporate training app called ACTO. While they won accolades in the tech community, they noticed the industry had unaddressed pain points due to changes in the healthcare system and governing regulations.

The founders had the conviction that ACTO was ideal for the highly complex life sciences industry, with its intuitive user experience and deep data analytics. In early 2017, they decided to exclusively serve life sciences and started speaking with life sciences professionals to understand their challenges more deeply.

By December 2018, they had analyzed over 5,700 rep behaviors and spoken to hundreds of industry specialists to uncover life sciences had a commercialization problem, not just a training problem. The opportunity for a consolidated solution led them to launch the ACTO Commercialization Cloud, giving field teams one place for training, sales enablement, and coaching, and commercial leaders deep field visibility.

This customer-centricity has driven an industry shift towards telling compelling clinical evidence stories. The ACTO team will expand on AI and machine learning applications in pursuit of their vision to build the world’s largest ecosystem for drug and device commercialization: The ideal launchpad for bringing patient-centric technologies to market.


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