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The Heart of the Matter 8: Trends With Benefits

Two decades ago, working in a healthcare communications agency might have been regarded as a stepping stone to a career in mainstream pharma. But times have changed.

As the industry’s reliance on outsourced services has grown, so too has the recognition that a good agency can offer alternative, but equally stimulating, benefits to working in-house at a pharmaceutical company.

With the best agencies providing robust pathways for career development and genuine opportunities for personal growth, an agency role is no longer just a gateway into pharma. In fact increasingly, the traffic is coming the other way. It’s a growing trend – and for those that make the journey, it has real benefits.

Whether you work for a drug company or a communications agency, a career in healthcare is both motivational and rewarding. What’s more, as outsourcing has become de rigueur, the dynamics of agency/pharma relations have evolved from being ‘master and servant’ to ones built around collaboration and partnership.

The goal is the same on both sides; to develop innovative treatment strategies that deliver real-world benefits to patients. It’s a great industry.

But the specific benefits of working agency-side are numerous – and may surprise many who have not previously considered making the move.

McCann Complete Medical is a unique group of expert agencies providing insight-led, evidence-driven strategy and communication, for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related sectors. We deliver world-class solutions in medical communications, regulatory support, strategic consultancy and multichannel excellence.

Being part of McCann Health and the wider network gives us access to a broad range of specialist expertise and a worldwide network of local offices.

With clients ranging from large multinational pharmaceutical companies to smaller biotechnology companies we work on cutting-edge medicines in a variety of therapy areas to make a real difference to patients’ lives.

Our people have clever and curious minds, and courageous and committed hearts; we work together to achieve shared goals and delight our clients. We are incredibly proud of our people, providing an environment that is thriving and challenging, flexible and inclusive; building a company culture where opportunities and success abounds. They choose McCann Complete Medical to make a difference to their careers, our clients’ business and to patients.


A Pharma Brand Marketer’s Guide to Predictive ROI Modeling

Traditional ROI analysis gives you a good idea of where your brand has been, but not where it’s going. However, there is a way to get your brand on the path to success and drive it further with metrics and analytics that can proactively guide the way forward.

In today’s world of “What have you done for me lately,” predictive ROI modeling is a valuable tool that allows you to hone and refine your marketing plan as you go, so that every dollar not only makes a difference, but continues to provide impact throughout the year. This guide to predictive ROI modeling will show you how it works, with real-world case studies that show you exactly how clients decided which direction to take in order to maximize and optimize their marketing plans.

MedThink Communications is a full-service, independent healthcare communications company located in Raleigh, NC, that uses Data+Soul® to create work that compels action and guarantees a minimum 2:1 ROI.

To find out how MedThink Communications helps you take the direct route to ROI via Data+Soul®, contact Angie Miller, SVP at 919-926-3602 or amiller@medthink.com.


Pharma marketers, are you really reaching physicians?

Many pharma marketers need to invest their limited dollars in reaching only their target list prescribers. Few companies can offer this targeting precision as a service. For the partners who do, the total audience reach is often limited, as is the extent of the data that can be shared with the marketer.

The following review details the process of verification and offers insight as to how eHealthcare Solutions authenticates physicians, and continues to reach them on different devices (mobile, desktop, and tablet) and media platforms (email, healthcare provider and medical journal websites, and social media).

Founded in 1999, eHealthcare Solutions (EHS) is the longest tenured digital advertising network specializing in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. EHS offers unparalleled access to healthcare professional and consumer audiences through our exclusive relationships with more than 85 of the nation’s leading healthcare publishers, medical societies, and associations, comprised of over 400 individual digital and mobile properties.

Atlantis Healthcare White Paper: Art & Science of Designing Personalized Interventions

As the healthcare landscape shifts from acute to chronic disease management, pharma and other stakeholders are searching for best practices in delivering programs that help patients to self-manage their condition. A new white paper from Atlantis Healthcare, a global leader in patient adherence solutions, reveals that the design of successful interventions must balance theoretical frameworks with creative executions.

“Health psychology models help us identify and understand the range of factors that impact an individual’s behaviors concerning their prescribed treatment, but they can’t be applied in a vacuum,” said Clare Moloney, Clinical Strategy Director at Atlantis Healthcare and lead author of the new report. “The fact is that interventions must account for the complexities of everyday life for each patient.”

Doctor’s Day ebook

Doctors are spending more and more time on tasks that aren’t directly related to patient care. By better understanding what the doctor’s day looks like, you can achieve better product fit and smarter marketing. This ebook begins to dive into that world: examining what a doctor is tasked with, who they the interacting with, and what they think about it all.

Rostislav Roznoshchik is the Research, Community, and Content Manager at MediSolutions. He uses the human-centered design process to understand user and stakeholder needs, and to generate insights for product development and strategy.

Heart of the Matter: To tweet or not to tweet — is that still a question?


Communication models have moved on – so why are parts of the pharmaceuticals industry stuck in the dark ages when it comes to adopting a truly multichannel approach in the pre-launch phase? All that Twitters is not gold, but it isn’t pyrite either.

We’ve come a long way since the days of Shakespeare. These days, whether it’s theater or communications, the stage is open to anyone, and the audience doesn’t even have to leave home. All the world’s a stage. So where does the drug industry feature in the global playhouse of multichannel communications? It’s barely reached the end of Act I.

Heart of the Matter: The only way is ethics


How an upsurge in compliance focus, anti-bribery measures, and a drive to greater transparency are leading pharma towards partners with demonstrable compliance capability and infrastructure.

Compliance is a powerful term with seemingly paradoxical implications; it can keep businesses awake at night and, as compliance training and administration reach overload, send employees to sleep during the day. But pharmaceutical executives who fail to understand the full extent of their compliance obligations could be sleepwalking their way towards major reputational damage.

5 Best Practices to Deliver Exceptional Multi-Channel Experiences

Perfecting Customer Engagement

Download this whitepaper, and learn how you can:

  • Create a highly personalized customer experience across every channel to give customers the information they want, anytime and anywhere.
  • Design a multichannel content strategy that is aligned to your customers’ journey.
  • Create a centralized source of customer data that provides valuable insights and actionable information.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 10.38.19 AMThe Evolution of Customer Master Data Management in Life Sciences

Customer Master Data Management (MDM) is complex. A new approach is needed.

A Hub Designs White Paper

The life sciences industry faces many complex challenges, particularly when it comes to understanding customers and gaining greater insight into their behavior. Defining the customer today is even more complex, involving physicians, payers, or an integrated delivery network.In this white paper by Hub Designs, you’ll learn:

  • Why customer MDM in the cloud is critical
  • Why traditional MDM comes up short
  • What is essential in an MDM solution

Darn it or DAM-it: Managing Digital Assets in Life SciencesDarn it or DAM-it: Managing Digital Assets in Life Sciences

In the last 5 years alone, $19.2 Billion dollars in fines have been levied by US authorities relating to issues with advertising fraud. Given the current global environment of digital transformation and the increasingly complex nature of regulations, life sciences companies need to be more accountable and coordinated in their market approaches than ever before.

Download Darn It or DAM-IT: Managing Digital Assets in Life Sciences which looks into how life science marketers can manage an ever-complex regulatory landscape. Specifically, this paper delves into how OpenText’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution eliminates the traditional gap between back-office IT and the marketing department.

Among its enabling features, you will learn how:

  • DAM fully manages projects from inception to distribution
  • High-value digital assets can be secured while allowing partners cloud access
  • Quality principles can be implemented across marketing programs
  • Content can be distributed to any channel and any device
  • Regulated compliance related risks can be mitigated.

Learn more about OpenText in the Life Sciences sector – please visit here.

Atlantis COPD whitepaper

Connected Solutions for Improved Health and Wellbeing in COPD

How Behavior Change Techniques Can Improve a Patient’s Ability to Self-Manage COPD

Nearly 13 million Americans are estimated to have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. Adherence rates to oral and inhaled treatment among COPD patients are shown to be as low as 50%, despite evidence that appropriate use of medication and positive lifestyle changes can reduce hospital admissions 42% and mortality by 60%.

Health psychology experts and academics at Atlantis Healthcare recently published Connected Solutions for Improved Health and Wellbeing in COPD, a White Paper that addresses patient self-management for improved adherence and enhanced quality of life.

Highlights include:

  • Application of proven health psychology frameworks to understand patient behavior and develop successful behavior change interventions
  • Overview of real reasons ‘why’ COPD patients are nonadherent
  • Learnings from a social media analysis and commentary from a recent Tweetchat (#rwCOPD) to explore what the healthcare industry can do to better support COPD patients

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