ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Mike Cunnion of Remedy Health Media

Mike Cunnion

Chief Executive Officer

Remedy Health Media

Reinventing Health Publishing

Mike Cunnion has a history of transforming health publishing. As an early employee of WebMD, he was a key player in the evolution and growth of the business. Following WebMD, Mike led HealthTalk, where he helped transform and scale the business, leading to a successful acquisition by Revolution Health. At Revolution, he refined and grew the business until Revolution merged with Everyday Health. For the last decade, he has guided Remedy Health Media’s (formerly Medizine) transition from point-of-care publisher to a groundbreaking digital health platform that differentiates itself through patient-driven multi-media storytelling.

At the heart of that transition has been Mike’s leadership and a terrific team that tirelessly launches new products to connect patients and healthcare professionals with authoritative information. Remedy’s Live Bold, Live NowTM initiative highlights inspiring real-patient stories helping people living with chronic conditions engage in new ways—mixing video, medical animation, caregiver interviews, expert content, and interactions between patients and healthcare providers. Mike and his team recognize the need for content that deals with what it’s actually like to live with a disease—and the value of emotional connection as people navigate the challenges of illness. After seeing Remedy’s health stories, 89% of surveyed audience members living with chronic conditions said they would recommend them to others. TheBody and TheBodyPro are additional examples of Remedy’s promise to support patients and healthcare professionals. For more than 20 years, these sites have developed new ways to connect with, educate, and empower the HIV/AIDS community.

Mike feels privileged to have worked with great companies and teams since the inception of digital health. From WebMD to Remedy, he has always believed that patients and healthcare professionals need credible information, innovatively presented, to inspire positive action. The chapter ahead promises to be even more exciting. With patients and healthcare professionals embracing technological advances, the possibilities are endless. As Remedy’s leader, Mike is excited to play a key role in the continued evolution of digital health.

“It’s awesome to be a part of a business that can help millions live better lives,” Mike says. “Our success comes from the fact that we have a terrific, mission-driven team dedicated to that.”


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