ELITE 2019 Launch Expert Amol Luktuke of AbbVie

Amol Luktuke

Marketing Director


Launching a New Brand

Amol began his work on the launch of ORILISSA® three years ago. Critical to his own success was engaging all partners across clinical development, market research, sales force effectiveness, market access, and promotional review in hearing the patient voice and understanding HCP perceptions and behaviors in the treatment of endometriosis. These efforts led to the development of a comprehensive strategy and tactical resources based upon endometriosis disease and treatment perceptions as well as stakeholder education needs.

Amol led his team in identifying that the impact of disease on the daily lives of patients was largely under-recognized. Patients struggled to communicate their pain and its impact, while HCPs needed support in asking the right questions to optimize treatment plans. This foundational work was brought to life in a multichannel disease-awareness campaign called “HER (Her Endometriosis Reality),” focused on educating HCPs about the need for swift diagnosis of women with endometriosis symptoms, as well as the importance of re-evaluating current treatment plans. The campaign utilized HCP-defined tools such as questionnaires and discussion guides to improve the dialogue with patients and went on to earn a 2017 Global Award and a 2018 Manny Award.

In addition to disease state education efforts, Amol led his team and cross-functional partners in developing the face of the ORILISSA brand for HCPs. The key challenge was to differentiate ORILISSA from other available treatments by emphasizing its efficacy and safety demonstrated in the largest endometriosis study program and its unique mechanism of action. Specifically, Amol synthesized market knowledge insights to lead brand positioning, campaign development, core messaging, and promotional resource development. He collaborated with sales and training management to prepare the field force to understand their local markets and prescribers, and effectively and compliantly communicate the brand story. Appreciation of the product profile, credibility of the messages, and above industry norm clinical message recall rates are indicative of the fulfillment of HCP educational needs.

Amol’s relentless patient focus, disease state expertise, strategic launch planning skills, and collaborative spirit helped bring a new option to the market for endometriosis patients and HCPs.


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