ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Don Feiler of Calcium

Don Feiler

Partner, Chief Digital Officer


At the Forefront of Digital Innovation

For many years now, Don Feiler has been in the vanguard of helping agencies and marketers transform the ways they think about targeting and reaching customers and providing them with rich and relevant content that can be customized to their individual needs. In short, Don has been a strong advocate for helping our industry “think digitally.”

But the journey to get to that point started way back in 1984—the year of the Apple Macintosh—when Don started at Drexel University. After graduating, he worked in the new field of desktop publishing with Quark 1 and then photo retouching and graphic design with Photoshop 1. With the world wide web set to be the next big thing, Don totally immersed himself in learning and mastering HTML, and that’s when his impact on this industry began.

In 1998, he started Archetype Digital Solutions, Inc., a boutique graphics and digital services company. With Wyeth-Ayerst as his first client, Don grew the business to include digital support for Philly-area pharma agencies, which involved building websites, intranets, online medical education offerings, interactive booth activities and kiosks, and early laptop-delivered eDetails.

In 2004, Don transitioned to consulting based on his deep expertise in eCommerce and the Netsuite ERP solution implementation. Don proceeded to architect, design, and build eCommerce solutions in automotive, CPG, apparel, B2B, and other verticals. In 2010, he joined the Star Group to lead digital efforts for the agency’s growing Life Sciences vertical. In 2012, Don merged Archetype Digital Solutions into the Star Group and assumed the role of EVP, Digital Services, overseeing all Star Group’s digital work in CPG, professional services, life sciences, B2B, higher education, and automotive verticals.

In 2015, when the Star Group passed into history, Don became Chief Digital Officer for Calcium. Don’s unique ability to make digital innovation both practical and effective has helped Calcium grow at a robust pace. But, always tireless, Don remains on the forefront of discovering leading-edge technological solutions and making them actually work to help drive success for brands and businesses.

But it all started back in 1984, and Don still owns that first Macintosh.


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