ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Tara Gill of Bristol-Myers Squibb

Tara Gill

U.S. Digital Marketing Lead

Bristol-Myers Squibb

A Facebook Marketing Pioneer

As a Digital Marketing Lead, Tara Gill has proven that she is not only fiercely committed to the digital space, but also an extraordinary big-picture thinker with an appetite for innovation. She is willing to take informed risks, with the advice of her team, when it benefits patients.

Tara led the charge toward meeting the audience of her brand where it was most prevalent—on Facebook. Developing the first Facebook page in the drug class for the brand she leads was only the beginning of outreach in the social space. Tara and her team quickly added branded Facebook advertising to the marketing mix. Tara hosted a strategic workshop with key business partners to evaluate the potential for each type of ad and identify opportunities to deliver condition education, brand messaging, and support.

Considering the traditionally conservative environment of pharma, particularly when engaging in the social space, Tara collaborated with the medical/legal/regulatory team at every turn to ensure that the brand remained compliant while creating meaningful experiences for consumers, and driving business. Each success became a foundation for further exploration: Facebook link and carousel ads paved the way for more complex video and instant experience ads.

This foray into Facebook is only one example of Tara leading the charge for pushing digital bounds. Since joining the brand, she has embraced the challenge of delivering complex brand messages to an extremely broad audience with emergent digital literacy. She has advocated for clear, patient-friendly communications through numerous website updates and display banner launches. She led the efforts to deliver detailed, core brand messaging through the heightened engagement of rich media advertising, and guided the successful translation of new TV campaigns into digital media. During Tara’s tenure, the brand has risen to be the #1 prescribed drug in its class as well as hold a leading position among prescribed branded drugs in the U.S.  

Tara continues to work with her business partners to explore new tactics to help consumers better understand their condition and treatment options—two keys for supporting successful starts and adherence. She continuously challenges herself and others to be better, and always makes sure to stop and celebrate the successes.


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