ELITE 2019 Mentor John Jaeger of Decision Resources Group

John Jaeger


Decision Resources Group

Promoter of Possibility

“John Jaeger has been a mentor to me for almost four years now,” says Olivia Posey, Consultant, DRG, “and I have found that he truly invests and dedicates time to his teams both professionally and personally. As someone who has been relatively junior within the organization, he still makes himself available day and night to the issues I am facing and is always willing to roll up his sleeves and help. Given this investment, I feel that John has been instrumental in helping provide me with the internal and external opportunities needed to grow as much as I have in such a short period of time.”

That is just one of many, many stories about how John impacted one of his colleagues. That’s because even though he is an accomplished leader within the Decision Resources Group’s Consulting (DRGC) unit and helps to oversee the U.S. Market Access practice, his passion is the growth and development of members of his team. John is responsible for setting and implementing DRGC’s talent attraction, integration, and retention initiatives. In addition, he oversees the Consultant Leadership Development Program, which is an annual training cohort for newly graduated Associates and Associate Consultants. But where he most excels is in one-on-one coaching. In his 10+ years as a coach, John’s direct reports have received more than 40 promotions.

“After having exposure to many different coaches and mentors throughout the duration of my career in the healthcare space, I can honestly say that John has not only been the most effective coach but also the most transformative on my career journey,” says Stephanie Stadlin, Principal, DRG Consulting. “The proof of John’s effectiveness has been in my rapid trajectory during my time at DRG. John saw something in me and helped guide me through my self-doubt to truly believe in my capabilities. I am now on track to become a partner with our firm—something that I would have never even imagined five years ago.”


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