ELITE 2019 Launch Expert Amy Williams of Avanos Medical

Amy Williams

Associate Marketing Director, Interventional Pain Management

Avanos Medical

Driving Patient Awareness

Osteoarthritis (OA) affects more than 30 million U.S. adults, and for many of them surgery is not yet an option for treatment. And while patients may be familiar with surgery alternatives for knee pain such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, opioids, and steroid injections, there is another option. COOLIEF* is the only FDA-approved cooled radiofrequency (RF) treatment to relieve OA knee pain for up to one year. However, despite past radio and digital marketing efforts, only 6% of OA patients were aware of RF treatments and only 2% knew of COOLIEF*.

In 2018, Avanos tasked Amy Williams with launching a new campaign for COOLIEF* that would increase consumer awareness of COOLIEF* for OA knee and back pain in select markets where doctors have been appropriately trained and have access to perform the procedure. This meant the engagement channels needed to drive customers to visit the “Find a Specialist” page of the campaign website or call a COOLIEF* trained-specialist.

So, working with AbelsonTaylor, Amy led the execution of a fully integrated campaign in six key target markets that featured TV broadcast, online video, social video via Facebook display and canvas ads, traditional online display ads, paid search, call center support, and waiting room collateral—all of which drove to the “Find a Specialist” feature on the website. She also worked with media agency KSM in Chicago to drive a highly targeted media buy in those six markets using paid media vehicles such as programmatic display and video as well as highly targeted paid social and search. To expand the campaign’s reach even more, she used first- and third-party data sources to utilize algorithmic audience learning to find similar audiences while layering in TV viewership data.

Then to track and understand campaign performance and overall ROI, Amy partnered with agencies to develop a detailed measurement scorecard. This weekly reporting led to the further optimization of a highly effective social buy within Facebook by prospecting select segments such as AARP and adults 50+.

Ultimately, the campaign significantly raised patient awareness of COOLIEF*, helping patients overcome complacency around managing their knee pain.


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