ELITE 2019 Marketing Team Butler/Till Health Group Otezla Digital Team

Butler/Till Health Group Otezla Digital Team

Butler/Till Health Group

Team Members:
Kendree Thieringer, Account Supervisor
Lindsay Mueller, Digital Media Supervisor
Andrea Fabbio, Sr. Account Executive
Rhiann Korth, Digital Media Strategist
Shayna Honorat, Account Executive
Laura Cromwell, Digital Media Associate
Abby Killorin, Digital Media Associate
Morgan van der Horst, Digital Coordinator
Nicole Fischer, Data Scientist

Top row, left to right: Morgan van der Horst, Andrea Fabbio, Rhiann Korth, Abby Killorin, Shayna Honorat, and Laura Cromwell. Bottom row, left to right: Lindsay Mueller and Kendree Thieringer.

Optimizing Digital Media

“Butler/Till’s Otezla team is a perfect mixture of experience with larger brands and implementing today’s current technologies,” says R.J. Lewis, Founder, President, and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions. “Whether it’s using the data from a [measurement] study or understanding the dermatology market prescribing habits, this team utilizes every possible avenue to make sure they increase market share YOY.”

Tasked with the digital media responsibilities for Otezla, Butler/Till teamed up with a third-party measurement partner to assess the quality of their targeting, placements, and audience at a super-granular level across individual publishing partners in order to ensure they are optimizing their media efforts throughout the year. Furthermore, they pull from other sources of data and continuously monitor each partner to evaluate their audience quality via the agency’s proprietary, interactive dashboard, built to ensure everything they do for the brand results in more new patient starts.

“In order to make our recommendations for the best media buys, we leverage a lot of our historical data and make sure that we’re investing in what we call our ‘proven partners,’” explains Kendree Thieringer, Account Supervisor, Butler/Till. “That means we look at partners that we’ve proven can drive lift and volume of new patient starts in the past. To balance that, we then make sure we have enough tests-and-learns in market, so that we’re able to optimize new placements as well.”

Historically, Butler/Till has seen proven success with partners of patient communities, as well as with different sponsorships and custom programs. Ultimately, their insights have resulted in substantial growth for the brand between 2017 and 2018, as well as an increase in ROI.

This year, the team hopes to further optimize the brand’s digital media efforts, to achieve even greater scale and efficiency in 2019. B/T’s investment in an in-house programmatic team allows for deep integration between planning and execution as well as frequent/nimble testing opportunities for the brand.


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