ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Sherri Wilkins of Carling Communications

Sherri Wilkins


Carling Communications

The Creative Leader

For Sherri Wilkins, the path to the presidency of Carling Communications began in the creative department. Starting as an Editorial Assistant, then shifting to a Copywriter, progressing to Creative Director, and ultimately becoming Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Sherri touched well over 100 brands during the last 18 years. As CCO, she built Carling’s creative department from a handful of employees to a team of more than 35 creative directors, art directors, production artists, designers, and copywriters. That growth mirrored the growth in the agency as a whole, and in 2017, Sherri spearheaded the opening of a Carling office in London.

One year after Carling joined the Fishawack Group of Companies, the agency experienced a significant shift in executive leadership and cultural philosophy. As part of this process, Sherri was named President of the agency, and in 2018 she worked to stabilize the agency’s holistic business model, diversify its client roster, and spread into new therapeutic markets.

“To say that Sherri took the reins during a turbulent time would be an understatement,” says Nicole Blazie, Director of Human Resources. “However, despite these challenges, Carling has thrived. Our overall turnover is down, employee engagement is up, and our revenues are higher than ever.”

Measurable results were seen after only nine months of her presidency. The agency was awarded its largest win in a new category to launch in 2019. And, with a second win announced just days before the close of 2018, the agency anticipates fee revenue to continue to increase. Organic growth should also remain strong.

Carling’s internal mission to nourish a strong and cohesive employee family is evident in the agency’s growth as well as a 50% drop in voluntary turnover. The agency made a concerted effort in 2018 to identify career paths for every role so employees could plan and work toward personal and professional advancement.

In recognition of her success as President of Carling, Sherri has been invited to join the Board of Directors of the Fishawack Group of Companies. This additional responsibility will see her traveling across the pond more often to help guide the global enterprise.


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