ELITE 2019 Disrupter Thad L. Bench, Sr. of BW Health Group

Thad L. Bench, Sr.

CEO and Founder

BW Health Group

Leading a Company Expansion

Thad L. Bench, Sr. is a second-time ELITE Award winner, first being honored in 2016 as an Entrepreneur for founding and growing Benchworks into a dynamic agency that reaches beyond the typical marketing agency model. But now Thad is disrupting the market again.

With the creation of umbrella group BW Health Group, Thad is again demonstrating his deep understanding of pharma. He’s made a conscious choice to create an end-to-end commercialization platform, from the ground up at an independent agency, to provide innovative, value-added services for the life science industry that will enhance Benchworks’ current agency offerings.

As the parent company, BW Health Group will take the lead in building this platform, which already includes the Benchworks creative agency and Safe Chain, a third-party logistics provider and distributor of pharmaceutical and medical products. These two business units will be joined by Occam Health, a cloud-based hub services company that connects patients and providers with therapies.

“Thad Bench is a relentless visionary,” says Emil Andrusko, RPh, SVP Managing Partner, Benchworks. “He’s always got his eye on what’s next in pharma, and what Benchworks can do to improve and innovate. He never stops trying new things, no matter how unconventional a project might seem for an agency to take on. And he never gets discouraged—if the first approach doesn’t work, he looks for another way to solve the issue.”

Another one of Thad’s innovative ideas came last year when Benchworks added a Hospital and Health System Marketing practice to the mix. HHS helps hospitals achieve greater efficiency, quality, and revenues by helping them identify new technologies that improve the consumer patient experience.

“This new vertical brings unique marketing and IT programs that help hospitals get ahead of the technology curve,” says Lisa Wolfington, Director, Hospital and Health System Marketing, Benchworks. “It’s this kind of innovative drive that Thad brings to the table. Thad sees the big picture in every small detail and looks across the landscape of healthcare, from marketing to distribution to point of care, to solve problems and lead improvements.”


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