ELITE 2019 Disrupter Dwight Williams of Genentech

Dwight Williams

Team Lead, National Account Marketing, BioOncology, GIO & IMPACT Business Units


Bringing a Silicon Valley Flare to Biotechnology

Given the highly regulated environment of healthcare advertising, it isn’t uncommon for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to get comfortable, play things safe, or turn to traditional methods for marketing. But Dwight Williams is ready to shake things up. And with a company headquartered in San Francisco, Dwight is constantly working to ensure that pharma catches up quickly with their neighbors in Silicon Valley.

One of his undertakings involves changing the way that Genentech shows up to payers and organized customers via a complete overhaul of his team’s branding and communication strategy. Dwight’s team is comprised of some of the most experienced Managed Care professionals in the company who are well-versed in speaking with customers at the forefront of healthcare decision making. In fact, their work influences decisions that impact issues such as public health, rare diseases, access to medicine, and population management. Dwight’s leadership style enables customers to see Genentech in a new light: From communicating healthcare economic information (HCEI) data to 21st Century Cures Act presentations. These issues are important not just to Dwight and his company, but also to how healthcare is managed in the United States at large. So it is likely the solutions he is building today will certainly create organizational shifts and make a big impact for the future of the healthcare industry.

Another one of his key strategic workstreams involves looking at advertising industry trends, data science, and partnering with subject matter experts who are already working on platforms that bring tech and healthcare together. When Dwight is collaborating with partners outside of his team—be it cross-functional colleagues, agency partners, or research vendors—he makes sure that he is getting the biggest brains together for limitless ideation.

That is one reason why it is no surprise that Genentech appointed Dwight to be the Team Lead for the National Account Marketing Team. His values align with those of his employer—after all, Genentech made it to the Forbes 2018 list of Most Innovative Companies.


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