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Maximizing Patient Programs Through Strategic Pharma Engagement

Speakers: Dawn Lacallade, Chief of Social Strategy, VP, Healthcare, LiveWorld and Danny Flamberg, VP Strategy, HCP, LiveWorld

October 19, 2021 12-1pm CT / 1-2pm ET

Consumer’s growing affinity for digital, mobile, video, and social media has changed the healthcare landscape permanently. As we’ve seen in prior technology-driven shifts in behavior, there is no going back. Register to learn how pharma brands can leverage the patient need for connection and information, using the newest tools and tactics to influence patients and boost demand. Join us to discover:

  • A new model of patient interaction and engagement
  • Proven tools and tactics that motivate participation in brand programs
  • Processes to remove risk from online programs
  • Untapped value of patient-to-patient conversations
  • Tips on increasing digital marketing KPIs and ROI

Pharma Marketer’s Guide to Success in a Hybrid World

Ensure a Fast, Seamless Virtual Product Launch: Pharma Marketer’s Guide to Success in a Hybrid World

Wednesday, September 15 2021 at 3pm EST

It’s a harsh reality that over half of all sellers miss their quota in an average year—and this year has been anything but average. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, many companies are hybrid. Workforces are remote, in-person connectivity is hard to come by, and the world continues to change at breakneck speed.

The Patient Journey Evolved

How big patient-centric data can be queried for answers in minutes versus months

Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 1PM EST

Understanding the patient journey — from symptoms, to diagnosis, and treatment — is a standard and essential part of a life science company’s business practice. The information gleaned assists in patient and physician segmentation, forecasting, and building a marketing plan for upcoming and newly launched products, and is often updated annually to see if the journey has changed.

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Optimizing the Modern Disease State Awareness Campaign

SPEAKER: Daniel Schwartz, MD, FRCPC
Daniel Schwartz, MD is career medical educator and founder of QxMD

Optimizing the Modern Disease State Awareness Campaign

Topic Overview:

Generating top-of-mind awareness is a key challenge in diagnosing both rare and non-rare diseases that otherwise could be missed. Creating that awareness is one of the biggest challenges for pharmaceutical marketers.

Join this webcast to explore the modern disease state awareness campaign and how innovative platforms can help you bring your information closer to the point of care, all from the perspective of a practicing clinician.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Review why disease state awareness is important, both for rare disease and more common disease states
  • Identify surmountable challenges in disease awareness
  • Learn 5 new tools to improve the success of your next disease state awareness campaign
  • Incorporate innovative digital platforms in your campaign strategy

Every Habit Needs a Hook

How to Use Gamification and Behavioral Economics to Improve Patient Adherence

SPEAKERTom Kottler
Co-founder and CEO
HealthPrize Technologies

Despite common beliefs, nonadherence is not a matter of cost or forgetfulness, but human psychology. Even if you were to give medications away for free you may barely make a dent in the adherence problem, but by using psychological motivators like gamification and behavioral economics you can significantly improve adherence by creating a higher value of the act of taking medications. Register for this webinar to learn these tactics to improve adherence, reduce gap days without medication, and even re-acquire patients who stopped taking their medications.

FIND OUT IN THIS WEBINAR REPLAY why the use of psychological motivators like gamification and behavioral economics are so successful in improving adherence. YOU WILL LEARN:

  • WHY the use of psychological motivators like gamification and behavioral economics are so successful in improving adherence.
  • HOW to use these tactics to create digital experiences that frequently and consistently engage and educate patients.
  • HOW patient adherence programs based on these motivators can create new revenue for your brands.

Content Management Should Not Be Your Biggest Risk


Distributing promotional materials in today’s multichannel, digital world brings new challenges in maintaining compliance and consistency of message. Demands for access to the latest content across multiple channels requires an end-to-end content management and distribution solution for promotional materials that is seamless, efficient, and compliant.

Watch this 10-minute webinar to learn how to:

  • Increase process efficiency during content creation and approvals
  • Enable multichannel content distribution
  • Maintain compliance beyond distribution
  • Gain actionable insight into the end-to-end process

Negotiating a Better Formulary Position & Reimbursement Rate

New Patient Adherence Data:
Unlock New Sources for the Adherence Data Payers Want
Learn About New Tools for Building Brands and Loyalty

The expectation for pharmaceutical manufacturers is changing along the healthcare continuum as more is expected out of them than ever before. But new sources of data are now available through which companies can gain the adherence insights necessary to help them to improve relationships with providers, patients and payers—and increase their top lines. PM360 hosted this exclusive webcast, sponsored by Sharps Compliance, to discuss how leveraging new sources of data enables companies to better guide patient education and communications efforts, demonstrate their commitment to improving outcomes and discover new methods for increasing adherence. Information from case studies reveals how this data will lead to improved adherence and higher revenue, increased prescriptions for your brand, and more trusting relationships between providers, patients, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Brandon Beaver
Senior Vice President of Sales
Manages relationships with current Sharps Patient Support Program pharmaceutical clients, including program development.


David Tusa
President and CEO
Oversees all aspects of Sharps Compliance business.


Gregory C. Davis
Vice President of Operations
Manages Sharps Patient Support Program logistics, program system builds, reporting design, and interfacing.


Dennis P. Halligan

Vice President of Marketing
Manages Sharps Patient Support System program reviews and therapy-specific branding.

The New Healthcare Trifecta: Pharma, Patients and Advocacy

The patient engagement model is shifting. Historically, the relationship between drug developers and patients is often viewed in commercial terms. Recently, there has been chatter of pharma, patients, and advocacy uniting to harness patient and advocacy insights and build lasting relationships. This PM360 Webcast will probe this dynamic alliance and delve into the issues that ignited the broadening dialogue and discuss the growing importance of collaborating from the onset of development to post-approval.

Hosted by Paul Kidwell and Featuring:


Thomas P. Sellers, MPA
Sr. Director, Patient Advocacy & Corporate Philanthropy
Takeda Oncology

Tom Sellers is a cancer survivor. He joined Millennium in 2011 and currently manages relationships with the patient community and programs ensuring patients have information and access to treatments.


Ronny Mosston
Vice President of Patient Advocacy & Public Affairs

Ronny currently works for a company focused on the discovery, development,and commercialization of new fertility treatments. She has consulted biotech organizations to develop innovative, compliant, and cross-functional PatientAdvocacy strategies in all phases of the drug pipeline.


Brenda Snow
Founder & CEO
The Snow Companies

Ms. Snow is living with multiple sclerosis and has made it her life’s mission to connect people living with chronic conditions to their peers and leaders in the life science industry. As the Founder and CEO of the healthcare communication agency The Snow Companies, she is making this vision a reality.

Power Struggle: Payers versus Providers – How Marketers Can Win the Battle over Managed Care

Webinar-Power Struggle Managed Care

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