ELITE 2019 Strategist Ian Marks of GSK Consumer Healthcare

Ian Marks

Vice President, R&D Innovation

GSK Consumer Healthcare

Leading the Self-Care Revolution

Ian Marks has established himself as a tireless champion in developing breakthrough new consumer healthcare solutions that significantly improve consumer lives. He and his team have completely changed how GSK views the future consumer healthcare market.

Ian has developed a robust strategy and introduced disruptive innovation opportunities into the GSK pipeline via the exploration and development of new ideas that fundamentally change the consumer healthcare paradigm for consumers, customers, doctors, and pharmacists. More specifically, Ian and his team have developed a wide range of new opportunities that include digital technologies, diagnostics, novel activities, and other connected health tools that enable consumers to better engage and take ownership of their health.

“Ian sees trends and opportunities that others do not, within and outside of large healthcare companies,” says Anat Lechner, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor of Business Management at NYU’s Stern School of Business. “As a scientist, researcher, and business unit lead, he combines these skills essential in identifying deep, unmet consumer needs with a unique ability to deeply understand the consumer and match them with the ideal technology delivery.”

Before joining GSK Consumer Innovation, Ian worked shoulder-to-shoulder with colleagues in finance, business management, and research at Novartis, which helped him hone his pattern recognition skills. As a result, he has led a group that expertly pieces together all elements of the innovation process, which ultimately results in improved deliveries that have earned the trust of Ian’s superiors and the respect of his peers.

At GSK, specifically, the work of Ian’s team has led to improved holistic consumer experiences with a 90% increase in product acceptability versus the competition. This is attributed to an in-depth understanding of sensorial qualities across all GSK categories, as well as the adoption of new sensory methodologies, led by Ian and his team.


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