ELITE 2019 Entrepreneur Faruk Capan of Intouch Group

Faruk Capan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Intouch Group

Growing a Group of Agencies

It was just last year that we honored Faruk Capan as an ELITE Transformational Leader for starting Intouch Solutions in his basement in 1999 and growing it into an agency powerhouse that now has more than 850 employees and offices in Kansas City, Chicago, New York, Boston, London, and Mumbai. Well, he has done it again.

In June 2018, Faruk led the agency through extraordinary change, as Intouch transformed into its own network. While remaining independent, Intouch formed a parent company, Intouch Group, which serves as the umbrella organization for Intouch Solutions and five affiliates: Intouch Proto (a full-service agency); Intouch International (a global joint venture with Healthware International); Intouch B2D (a technology and production services hub); Intouch Media (a full-service media-buying and planning firm); and Intouch Analytics (a data and analytics agency).

One of the reasons behind the change was to align the organization’s vast expertise and depth of service offerings in order to better serve clients.

“We are driven to be the go-to partner for full-service needs—now and in the future,” Faruk says. “Intouch Group offers the advantages of a network’s size and scale, with the creative, innovative spirit of an independent. Ultimately, this structure allows us to compete at a new level, and be seen as the powerhouse organization we are. We continue to experience growth as an organization, and we are excited about the opportunities Intouch Group represents for us.”

The reorganization is just the latest example of Faruk adapting to the evolving industry and positioning the agency for expanded growth. Since first founding Intouch, Faruk has navigated constant industry shifts, emerging technologies, and regulatory changes to remain on the leading edge of pharmaceutical marketing. Under his guidance, Intouch saw explosive growth in 2018, reaching a new milestone of $140 million in revenue.

And as a local entrepreneur, Faruk also understands the importance of contributing to the Kansas City business community. He is a member of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and involved in the local Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program to help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.


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