ELITE 2019 Mentor Greg Rice of Katalyst – part of the Klick Family

Greg Rice

Managing Director

Katalyst – part of the Klick Family

Growing Empathetic Leaders

That Greg Rice likes Happiness Surveys is one thing. That he conducts them at Klick’s Katalyst agency every quarter to keep a pulse on employee contentment and to see if teams think they’re a better agency than they were a few months prior is another thing entirely. It’s also one of the reasons Greg is an amazing leader and mentor.

Greg believes that reporting the survey results back to the team helps them focus on the right things, whether that be refining certain processes or celebrating team successes. It also creates transparency and gives people reason to expect more from management. It’s a philosophy that has served both Greg and Katalyst well. Formerly Klick Health’s SVP of Strategy, Greg started Katalyst with 15 people six years ago and has built it into a thriving 140-person-strong commercialization partner.

At Katalyst, Greg grows and nurtures high-performance, empathetic teams by coaching and mentoring people to be strong leaders who help drive the business and the close-knit community at the office. That starts on day one. As part of Katalyst’s onboarding program, Greg meets personally with each new hire to establish two-way conversation right from the start and encourage team members to speak up and share new ideas.

“Over the last four years, Greg has consistently believed in me, advocated for me, and helped to identify where I’ve needed to grow, also giving me the guidance and critical feedback to help me flourish,” says Chad Davidson, Vice President, Group Account Director. “He’s also taught me to focus on what’s important to make better decisions. His coaching has not only allowed me to grow as a leader but has enabled me to better mentor my team.”

Derek Hockley, Vice President of Katalyst’s Technology team adds: “A few years ago, someone suggested I meet Greg for coffee to learn about his side of the business. I thought we were going to talk about metrics and opportunities, but instead we mostly talked about the value of listening. At the end of the meeting, Greg offered to meet with me monthly to mentor me in other areas, which I happily accepted. I continue to learn from him every day.”


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