ELITE 2019 Creative Director Mike Nuckols of VIVO Agency

Mike Nuckols

Creative Director

VIVO Agency

The Face of Creative Inspiration

For “bring your child to work day,” VIVO created a coloring book featuring the faces of the leadership team. While some kids enjoyed the coloring book, the creative department really had a field day. Mike Nuckols, VIVO’s Creative Director, came in the next day to find his office covered in crazed versions of his own face. There was Drag Mike, Prison Mike, Martian Mike, Count Mike-ula, and dozens more.

It’s plain to see that Mike inspires creativity. He truly believes his primary job is to inspire and knows that nurturing the artistic souls of the creative team energizes and elevates the work they do. He is superb at finding new ways to do this.

Mike has brought in comic book artists and documentary filmmakers to engage with the creative team, led scavenger hunts at the Philadelphia Art Museum, and run workshops on personal creativity. This past November, during preparations to launch a new wound-care device for breast reconstruction, Mike arranged an unforgettable guest lecture from a breast cancer survivor.

On the client side, Mike is a champion of bigger, bolder ideas. He has pushed the team to present augmented reality tactics, digital artwork of heart surgery, and he regularly advocates for concepts that make account people extremely uncomfortable to present.

Given all of this, it’s no surprise that the entire creative department was inspired by the leadership team coloring book and jumped into a spontaneous act of creativity. Mike has simply made VIVO a terrific place to work. Evidence of a joyous work environment goes well beyond “Faces of Mike” events.

Each new employee at VIVO is given a Nerf dart gun on their first day to defend themselves from the spontaneous shootouts, and highly competitive chili cook-offs are held every March. Beer exchanges are regular events at VIVO, as well as volunteer events with Cradles to Crayons, a local organization that assists children in need. In short, Mike’s leadership and innovative style ensures that VIVO delivers incredible, inspired work, and that his team has a lot of fun doing it.


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