ELITE 2019 Leader of the Future Axelle Basso Bondini of Healix Global

Axelle Basso Bondini

Senior Media Planner

Healix Global

Teaching the Next Generation

“Axelle Basso Bondini has all the characteristics you look for in an ideal leader—a curious mind, a patient teacher, a hard worker, and a warm personality,” says Josh Forney, VP, Media Planning at Healix Global. “She consistently does more than is asked and does it with a smile on her face.”

Most recently, she has worked on 10 campaigns across a total of seven brands. She establishes strong bonds with clients, colleagues, partner agencies, and media partners to get the most out of the resources available to her. For instance, Axelle built an in-depth competitive report evaluating an entire category for one of her clients. The client found the report to be extremely valuable, and her template is now being used by multiple teams across Healix and serves as a reference on how to approach competitive insights and auditing.

Axelle also continually demonstrates strong leadership and mentoring skills that benefit the agency at large. When the agency was onboarding large numbers of new hires, Axelle was selected to be a Healix Ambassador to help assimilate new hires. As she was engaging with the new hires she was assigned to, she recognized that people were being bombarded with information that was critical for them to understand in order to do their jobs well. She then took it upon herself to create follow-up learning sessions for all new hires to help them digest and use all the information they were being given in the formal training sessions. The follow-up sessions she coordinated addressed questions and helped frame the content they received in a “what that means for you” format for the new associates.

“When I started at Healix in 2017, I had very little media experience,” says Jason Slominski, Media Planner. “From day 1, Axelle took the time to sit me down and explain the media ecosystem, our brand’s plans, and all the platforms and tools we use every day. I owe a lot of my success to her and I regularly see her take the time to help other members of the agency in the same way, which speaks volumes to her talent, intellect, and personality.”


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