ELITE 2019 Tech-Know Geek Matt Irwin of Confideo Labs

Matt Irwin

Head of Product & Technology

Confideo Labs

An Immersive Multimedia Mastermind

From day one, Matt Irwin has been at the helm of product and technology at Confideo Labs, a digital media firm that specializes in the design, development, and deployment of immersive healthcare media. Utilizing his degree in biomedical engineering with a focus on medical imaging, Matt has spent over 15 years crafting interactive 3D medical media.

At Confideo Labs, Matt has guided the evolution of the company’s capabilities, helping clients optimize new technology to glean meaningful and measurable value. Under Matt’s leadership, the company has deployed hundreds of innovative programs, including a variety of industry firsts.

In 2016, Matt and his team worked with Boehringer Ingelheim to create a virtual reality experience for Praxbind. Following its debut at conferences, they advocated coupling the VR content with portable VR hardware and it soon became the very first VR tactic rolled out to a national sales force. The success of this program became a foundation from which that brand and others pursued a wide range of immersive multimedia tactics with Matt’s counsel.

In 2017, Confideo Labs teamed up with a leading provider of continuing medical education to create a bundle of immersive learning solutions. Specifically, Matt guided the development of VR, MR, and AR content and technology to create unique immersive environments where the physical and digital coexist. He and his team produced the very first live-stage mixed reality presentation, which debuted at the World Congress of Gastroenterology. Following its success, they produced dozens more across the U.S. and Europe, bolstering education and enhancing the teaching and learning experiences for healthcare professionals.

“Matt is one of the most talented and multi-dimensional execs I’ve worked with,” says Mike Marett, Founder & CEO, Confideo Labs. “In addition to being a categorical industry expert, Matt also supports our clients by bringing clarity to the perceived complexities of emerging media by strategically distilling the ideal way to harness technology to achieve and exceed results, with consideration for how to amortize content creation and maximize distribution, across channels and around the world. He brings a calm knowledgeable perspective to all opportunities, which gives clients confidence to pursue bold innovative tactics.”


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