ELITE 2019 Leader of the Future Marian Rice of AbbVie

Marian Rice

Product Manager II


Providing a Beacon of Hope

Being a part of the team to bring ORILISSA® to market carried a little extra weight. As the first new oral treatment for endometriosis in over a decade, ORILISSA was seen by many as a potential beacon of hope for women with endometriosis pain. Marian Rice was well up to the challenge as she led the development of the brand’s two major web properties in order to do her part in helping women with endometriosis pain find the relief they need.

One of the web properties that Marian led was SpeakENDO.com, a 20+ page disease state awareness site designed to help women recognize the symptoms of endometriosis and find the courage to have candid conversations with their doctors. It is fair to say the site has been a success. In its first year since launch, it has seen more than four million website visits; more than one million symptom quiz completions; over 75,000 views of a video about the inner workings of endometriosis; nearly 40,000 doctor discussion tool completions—with nearly 77% by women who were previously undiagnosed; and nearly 100 personal stories submitted by real women living with endometriosis.

Marian’s other focus was the launch and management of ORILISSA.com, a 20+ page treatment overview site designed to reignite women’s hope for relief and motivate them to ask their doctor if ORILISSA could be right for them. In a single week that coincided with the launch of the marketing campaign, the site achieved more than 71,000 visits and more than 600 doctor discussion guide completions.

As with any large-scale web development project, one of the greatest challenges Marian faced was coordinating the work of multiple internal and external stakeholders. Each team had to remain in constant lockstep with the others to ensure that work stayed true to the strategic vision and that the end product functioned properly.

“Marian is a stand-out leader on this team,” exclaims Eric Nelson, Marketing Director, AbbVie Women’s Health. “She is an expert in her craft and her marketing skills have proven invaluable in providing unique solutions to the women we serve.”


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