ELITE 2019 Mentor Angela Tenuta of Intouch Group

Angela Tenuta

Executive Vice President, Client Services

Intouch Group

Empowering Career Growth and Empathy

Angela Tenuta has been a driving force behind the growth of Intouch Group over the past 11 years. Angela was the founder of the agency’s Chicago office, expanding the location from a staff of one to a projected 320 associates by the end of this year. She also leads the Account Service discipline across all locations.

Angela has championed a number of large, internal initiatives driving professional development opportunities for more than 200 client-service associates across four offices nationwide. First, was the rollout of a robust career ladder clearly defining account roles, expectations, and a path for growth. In parallel, in-depth account-education training classes were developed, covering a range of client management subjects tailored to specific levels.

Additionally, the Intouch Mentor Program for Account Services provides a unique opportunity for associates to connect 1:1 with an experienced team member for career counseling and conversation. It offers an outlet for associates to talk through ideas, get advice, and speak openly about any topic. Angela participates in this program and personally coaches Intouch mentees.

To date, the new training and mentor program have been met with very positive feedback across account roles. Angela is a fierce proponent of empowering associates to constantly improve and share ideas. These programs allow associates, across gender and diverse backgrounds, to hone their skills and advance their careers.

Angela has also been a big proponent of encouraging employees to gain a greater understanding of the clients they serve. Under Angela’s guidance, creative and planning teams devised a new Intouch brand promise, “Hacking Healthcare for the People,” and a corresponding campaign, #ALLin. With #ALLin, Intouch traveled the country with a mobile recording studio to talk with patients and caregivers about their challenges in order to inspire new concepts to help patients/caregivers and influence healthcare overall. Over the course of this campaign, more than 150 Intouchers individually attended health events to support worthwhile causes.

These are just a handful of examples that show why Angela is so highly regarded for her talent to drive large initiatives, ability to listen, and trusted leadership. Her work has delivered successful impact for her organization and the healthcare industry at large.


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