ELITE 2019 Strategist Jackie Kent of Medidata Solutions

Jackie Kent

SVP, Head of Product

Medidata Solutions

Easing Clinical Operation Pain Points

Jackie Kent joined Medidata in February 2018 and it didn’t take long for her to make an impact. Just 12 months later, Jackie’s team launched a major update to the company’s clinical trials data platform, Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud, by unifying the end-to-end applications under one data foundation. The platform is one of a kind in life sciences tech, which is challenged with disparate systems from multiple IT vendors.

Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud provides a single, unified user-friendly interface for data managers, clinical operations, investigators, and patients to accelerate the science and business of research. The end-to-end framework allows data to be entered once and populated throughout the end-to-end suite of applications. This optimizes operational execution, decreases the data maintenance burden, and reduces the number of clinical systems needed across study teams.

Jackie also took a novel approach to achieve this innovation. Whereas past Medidata product teams might have started by proposing some kind of engineering novelty, she was most interested in addressing sponsor, partner, and site “pain points”—all of which Jackie knew something about. Thanks to her 28 years in IT leadership and clinical development roles at Eli Lilly, Jackie has intimate working knowledge of the ways in which life sciences companies use clinical trials management technology and what stumbling blocks they face. At Eli Lilly she supported the company’s clinical trial design, execution, and supply planning teams.

Considering it was just a year ago that Jackie was in the client’s shoes, she is confident the Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud will empower life sciences companies to get medicines to patients faster. And make it easier for them to do so. She offers one example: On Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud, a new user sets up their user profile only once—and never again—eliminating redundancy.

“I’ve been trying, since my early days in IT, to just get closer and closer to the patient,” Jackie says. Now, even though she can’t lead the actual execution of the clinical plan, she can make sure the technology supporting those clinical plans is as efficient and comprehensive as it can be. And she is very good at that.


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