ELITE 2019 Marketing Team Pfizer-BMS Alliance Payer Marketing Team

Pfizer-BMS Alliance Payer Marketing Team

Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb

Agency Partner: Entrée Health

Team Members:
Ilnaz Shirkhorshidian, Pfizer, Director, Payer Marketing
John Hidalgo, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Payer Marketing

Left to right: Ilnaz Shirkhorshidian (Pfizer) and John Hidalgo (BMS).

Making Complex Data Clear

Most good apps take something relatively simple and make it simpler. The EVP, however, is not your average app. The Pfizer-BMS Alliance Payer Marketing Team needed a way to ensure that its extensive and robust data resonated with payers as well as organized customers and pharmacy benefit managers. Faced with this challenge, Ilnaz Shirkhorshidian of Pfizer and John Hidalgo of Bristol-Myers Squibb decided to create an app that took something complex and made it clear.

The EVP is a comprehensive interactive visual aid that has more than 300 screens of in-depth burden of disease, clinical trial data, real-world retrospective analyses, and market utilization trends. To help users navigate this new powerful tool, Ilnaz and John incorporated an EVP guide feature, which allows users to organize the presentation by customer type, population, and indication.

Coordinating the development of an app this ambitious is challenging enough for one company, but the project was a co-promote between two pharmaceutical industry leaders. Ilnaz and John had to consider two sets of reviewers, along with the dizzying internal timelines of an app that had five principal sections, each branching into numerous subsections. Together they managed to not only navigate all obstacles with grace, but also foster the kind of creative collaboration that results in truly great work.

Many formulary decision-makers are now familiar with new data that can help them make informed choices. As for the Pfizer-BMS Alliance account managers, they now know where to look for burden of disease cost calculations, randomized clinical trials, real-world retrospective analyses, and utilization trends data. It’s all there in one intuitive app.


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