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Patient Education
Joe Poggi
Joe Poggi is Managing Director at Artcraft Health. For over 20 years, Joe has driven health education projects through partnerships in all sectors of the healthcare industry and currently at Artcraft Health, a full-service agency specializing in innovative educational solutions for patients and professionals.
EMR/EHR Connections
Rick Ratliff
Rick Ratliff is President and Chief Commercial Officer of ConnectiveRX. Rick heads the new company formed by PSKW and PDR, which offers industry-leading co-pay assistance/eligibility programs and the largest EMR and digital prescriber communications network in the U.S., connecting prescribers, pharmacists, and patients to improve health outcomes through targeted, behavior-based communications and multichannel affordability and patient loyalty programs.
Authentic Patient Voice
Brenda Snow
Brenda Snow is Founder & CEO at Snow Companies. Brenda is widely regarded as the leading pioneer in patient engagement. Her agency Snow Companies is active globally and has helped over 50 businesses representing more than 100 brands become more patient centric and more successful. The company provides various patient-centric initiatives that include, among others, the Patient Ambassador platform, call center support, and patient research.
DTC Marketing
Richard Meyer
Richard Meyer has worked in healthcare marketing for more than 12 years and is the author of www.worldof and www.newmediaand He is the Director of Online Strategic Solutions.
Patient Loyalty
Chris Dowd
Chris Dowd is Executive Vice President at ConnectiveRx. Chris has 25 years of pharma experience including Sales, Operations, Managed Care, and Marketing positions, including Executive Director and VP levels in Pfizer, Esprit Pharma, and Allergan.
HCP Engagement
Erik Dalton
Erik Dalton is Executive Vice President at Healthcasts. In this role at Healthcasts, Erik has driven the evolution of the company from an on-demand physician education digital platform engaging an audience of verified HCP members nationwide to a completely customized multichannel educational experience meeting the needs of a diverse set of physician members.
Health Psychology
John Weinman, PhD
John Weinman, PhD is Head of Health Psychology at Atlantis Healthcare and Professor of Psychology at King’s College, London. Professor Weinman is recognized as one of the founders of modern health psychology and respected as a preeminent global thought leader in the field. His main research areas are cognition and health, communication and decision-making in healthcare, and self-management and self-regulation in chronic illness.
Next Generation Hub
Sandy Piscitello
Sandy Piscitello is Vice President, Operations at Triplefin LLC. Sandy leads the management of all areas of operations and planning for Triplefin, which offers forward-thinking, innovative Hub-Lite™ patient support programs and services to the pharma industry. Visit
Common Sense
Bud Bilanich
Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Guy, is a success coach, motivational speaker, author and blogger. He is a faculty member at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver where he teaches courses in Organizational Dynamics and Human Capital Management. Bud has written five books on career and life success, which are the basis of his Common Sense Success System.
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