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Medication Adherence
Chris Dowd
Chris Dowd is Senior Vice President of Market Development at ConnectiveRx. In his more than 25-year career, he has become a recognized voice in the patient affordability and specialty medication arena, pioneering prominent copay and patient affordability programs, and creating innovative solutions for his clients.
Meeting Engagement
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts is Chief Production Officer at The Inception Company. After earning a degree in HD television technology, Jack took a right turn and toured for several years with a rock band signed to Warner Brothers records. In between tours, Jack started working in production, and soon after was producing music videos and national commercial campaigns. He joined The Inception Company in 2010, which provides fully managed virtual and hybrids event solutions for big pharma.
Patient Acquisition
Howard Seidman
Howard Seidman is Chief Operating Officer at Populus Media. Howard is the COO of Populus Media, the leading patient and HCP engagement company leveraging virtual care. Previously, Howard developed the company FireflyXD as the first platform designed to convert browsing consumers into patients leveraging virtual care solutions. In 2020, Howard sold FireflyXD to Populus Media, leading the company’s operations and Custom Connect platform.
Patient Affordability
Matt Turner
Matt Turner is VP & Head of Patient Affordability Services at Paysign, Inc. Matt, a certified PMP and American Pharmacist Association member, joined Paysign in 2019, bringing more than 10 years of in-depth experience and pharmaceutical product knowledge. Paysign’s suite of patient affordability solutions streamline programs and eliminate unnecessary costs, powering the convergence of fintech and healthcare. To learn more, visit or request an in-depth program analysis by contacting
Brand Nourishment
Brad Quosig
Brad Quosig is SVP, Growth and Client Engagement of Vitamin MD, a division of Calcium + Company. Brad joined Calcium in 2021 and co-launched Vitamin MD in 2022 alongside Lauren Lazar, MD with the support of Calcium + Company Group President Greg Lewis. With over a decade of medical education and communication experience, Brad brings a depth of therapeutic category expertise with a special focus on client services, partnerships, and strategy.
Increasing Engagement
Amy Giles
Amy Giles is VP Strategy at Bionical Solutions Group. Amy joined Bionical in 2017 as an experienced medical writer. Now the VP of Strategy, she is responsible for the strategic planning, design, and execution of Bionical’s MED Select programs and custom solutions.
Point-of-Care Marketing
David Linetsky
David Linetsky is Senior Vice President of Life Sciences at Phreesia, a leading point-of-care company that empowers life sciences brands to connect meaningfully with clinically relevant patients and deliver personalized health content in a one-to-one setting. David is also a member of the board of the Point of Care Marketing Association (POCMA), the point-of-care industry’s trade association.
Closed-Loop Marketing
Ira Haimowitz
Ira Haimowitz is Senior Vice President of Analytics Services and Insights at Medicx Health. After his doctorate in data mining and artificial intelligence, Ira has spent over 20 years in product leadership and consulting across pharmaceutical manufacturers (Pfizer and Merck), agencies, and healthcare analytics firms. At Medicx, he is responsible for developing innovative data-driven planning, insights, and media measurement solutions.
Non-Personal Promotion
Devin Kanach
Devin Kanach is an up-and-coming healthcare digital marketer, with experience across the agency, publisher, and data branches of the industry. Serving as the Marketing Director at TI Health, Devin marries his medical education and industry experience in order to synthesize streamlined communication with leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, along with their respective agencies, around key solutions needed to further promote positive patient outcomes.
HCP Insights
Adrienne Stevens, EdD, MBA
Adrienne Stevens, EdD, MBA is Vice President, Head of Scientific Strategy at Healio Strategic Solutions. Over the course of her diverse career, Adrienne has been recognized as an innovative team leader in Medical Affairs and in medical education. Adrienne is committed to advancing medical excellence and alliances for ongoing competitive advantage with creativity and passion.
Medical Affairs
Suma Ramadas, PhD
Suma Ramadas, PhD is Executive Vice President, Medical Affairs at Syneos Health. Suma leads the creation and delivery of a comprehensive Medical Affairs solution from Syneos Health. She started her 15+ year career in industry, working in Clinical, Marketing, and Medical Affairs before coming to Syneos Health. She is passionate about women and diversity in leadership and was instrumental in creating the employee-driven groups to tackle issues and barriers in the professional landscape.
Programmatic Marketing
Harshit Jain, MD
Harshit Jain, MD is Founder & Global CEO at Doceree. Harshit is a leading storyteller and a creative-data integrator in the healthcare industry. He is an accomplished speaker, an author, and a globally awarded healthcare marketing influencer who has been bestowed with the greatest industry awards for his pathbreaking work in addressing some of the biggest health challenges.
Impactful Strategy
Liz Kane
Liz Kane is Chief Strategy Officer at Ogilvy Health. Liz brings more than 20 years of stellar experience in strategic planning, brand building, and innovation with clients across the Health and Wellness spectrum.
Authentic Patient Voice
Brenda Snow
Brenda Snow is Founder & CEO of Snow Companies. Brenda is widely regarded as the leading pioneer in patient engagement. Her full-service agency, Snow Companies, is now part of Omnicom Health Group and provides patient-focused initiatives that include Patient Ambassador programs, creative services, call center support and a growing number of patient leadership councils.
Data & Analytics
Sarah Caldwell
Sarah Caldwell is General Manager, Crossix Analytics at Veeva. Sarah is responsible for Crossix measurement and optimization and audience targeting solutions at Veeva Systems. Crossix leverages connected health data to help life sciences more effectively activate, measure, and optimize their marketing investments. Sarah joined Crossix in 2007 and has consulted with pharmaceutical brands across various therapeutic areas and business situations, including launch and loss of exclusivity.
Success Coach
Bud Bilanich
Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Guy, is a success coach, motivational speaker, author, and blogger. He is a faculty member at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver where he teaches courses in Organizational Dynamics and Human Capital Management. Bud has written five books on career and life success, which are the basis of his Common Sense Success System.
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