ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Kira Pole-Ramirez of Pfizer, Inc.

Kira Pole-Ramirez

Senior Manager, Media Lab

Pfizer, Inc.

Fast and Frictionless Mobile Sites

What makes Kira Pole-Ramirez deserving of being called ELITE? Quite simply, she is doing things that have never been done before at Pfizer. The Media Lab team at Pfizer represents the sixth largest U.S. advertiser, and Kira’s work is focused on enhancing the mobile and social experience for patients.

In 2018, she embarked upon two key initiatives to meet consumers’ expectations. First, Kira built Pfizer’s own “Digital Wallet” capability: A patient-centric approach to accessing savings cards that enables patients to seamlessly use their mobile phone to save digital copay cards via native platforms such as Apple Wallet and Google Pay. Working with business technology to implement this capability in-house, it is now a turnkey and cost-efficient functionality that all Pfizer brands can use to complement linear cost assistance programs. Within the first four months, the digital tactics improved a brand’s copay redemption rate by 36%, reduced copay abandonment -70%, and got more patients onto therapy.

Kira also led an industry-first initiative to prioritize the speed of consumer brand sites. After partnering with Google and analyzing a portfolio of 40+ sites, Kira led a cross-functional team through the build of a new operating model. The idea of setting a “speed budget” was introduced to limit the amount of time acceptable for a site to load. Equally important was the internal shift in mindset when it came to thinking mobile-first for speed. Through live trainings, case studies, a visual guide, and other communication and learning efforts, Pfizer colleagues were armed with the resources and opportunities needed to oversee and sustain fast and frictionless site builds. There have been substantial improvements in key site metrics across the portfolio. It now takes about three to five seconds for many of Pfizer’s sites to load.

Kira’s innovative achievements have been acknowledged in many ways, with four awards/recognitions in 2018 alone, including Pfizer’s prestigious IM Proud Award recognizing individuals who go the extra mile to improve patient outcomes.

“Kira is the epitome of a team player—for Media Lab, brands, and for Pfizer,” says Benjamin Versh, Director/Lead, Digital Chops Team of Media Lab. “She is changing how we work, think, and behave in biopharma marketing.”


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