ELITE 2019 Strategist Andrea Palmer of Publicis Health Media

Andrea Palmer


Publicis Health Media

A Digital Media Vanguard

Andrea Palmer has been a media industry trailblazer for the past 15 years, pioneering innovative strategies that have since become standard practice in pharmaceutical marketing. She joined Publicis in 2008, playing a pivotal role in the transformation of Digitas Health’s emerging healthcare media offering into what has become one of the most specialized and valued pharmaceutical media agencies, Publicis Health Media (PHM). Over the past 11 years, Andrea has been critical in establishing PHM’s sterling reputation for holistic client delivery and pharma media innovation that have driven much of the rapid growth and success of PHM’s business.

Andrea has been responsible for some true first-to-market innovation during her time in the industry—from the first co-promoted health brand integration on television to more recent innovations like driving new pilots to test media opportunities within emerging tech spaces.

Some of Andrea’s other achievements while at PHM include bringing in the Business Intelligence Team, supporting methodology development, and mobilizing multiple stakeholders across data vendors, clients, agencies, and media. Her efforts to drive the evolution of analytics in the pharma space have provided clients with an unmatched ability to measure digital media’s impact on script lift for pharmaceutical brands, and her team’s investments in digital strategies drove returns equal to tens of millions in product sales.

Andrea has also played a pivotal role in determining how the agency leverages existing and new tools and ensuring strategy, resources, and capabilities are consistent across all offices. She has partnered with teams to develop holistic campaigns and stories for PHM’s clients about the integration of media, programmatic, search, social, and business intelligence to drive business outcomes.

Outside of PHM, Andrea also serves on the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3) advisory board, which establishes practices for increased transparency and measurement in the point of care industry. And she invests her time to guide media sales organizations in building relationships with pharma companies and developing programs to solve their business objectives. As a result, she is sought out by publishers, chief revenue officers, and heads of sales as a speaker and trainer for their teams.


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