ELITE 2019 Talent Acquisition Leader Deborah Hankin of W2O Group

Deborah Hankin

Chief People Officer

W2O Group

Seeing the Whole Person

Having lived and worked in Japan, Deborah Hankin has engaged the concept of “Sei-Katsu-Sha,” or “seeing the whole person” to transform W2O’s approach to talent acquisition and management. This Japanese tenet stresses the import of focusing on a person’s aspirations and dreams to understand how they are a valued stakeholder in society. As the Chief People Officer at W2O, Deborah does not just view employees and candidates through the traditionally narrower framework of the employee-employer relationship. Instead, she demonstrates the power of innovation by taking a well-honed concept, certainly one far removed from healthcare marketing, and applying it to the healthcare space.

Since joining W2O group in 2018, Deborah’s deep commitment to providing an excellent end-to-end experience for candidates and new hires has produced amazing results. W2O Group hired 270 employees in 2018, while bringing the average cost per hire down by 48%. Deborah understands that W2O’s current employees are the firm’s best network and 30% of new hires in 2018 came from internal referrals. She also increased diversity hires by 23%, principally through a bottoms-up strategy.

Deborah ensures People Experience and HR Operations programs provide unique, best-in-class leadership development, culture, and total rewards programs for employees and that they are trained to ensure a seamless experience for new hires, including an innovative onboarding program, access to internal networks and programs for leadership development, and a full suite of benefits and perks. The “white glove” experience does not stop after a candidate is hired—Deborah has made it possible for all employees at W2O to take advantage of knowledge-sharing events, personal executive coaching, a flexible time off policy, and opportunities to bond with their peers in W2O’s dynamic, entrepreneurial culture. Deborah helps W2O bring in the most sought-after talent through her “Sei Katsu-Sha” approach and retain that talent through innovative programming. That innovation is passed on to clients and to the healthcare industry as a whole thanks to her people-centric leadership.


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