ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader AJ Triano of GSW, a Syneos Health company

AJ Triano

SVP, Engagement Strategy

GSW, a Syneos Health company

Accelerating Mobile Disruption in Life Sciences

As advances in digital media and technology continue by giant steps, today’s healthcare professional needs to be agile in navigating beyond expected digital tactics like websites and banner ads to understand and utilize such innovations as web-based communities, patient-generated video (PGV), and Medical Body Area Networks (MBANs). Most important, they need to be able to bring everything digital together to improve everyday healthcare outcomes. It’s a challenge worthy of a crusader, and AJ Triano is suited up, ready to go. He has been for his entire 15-year career in healthcare.

An early activist for the potential of mobile technology, AJ boosted the industry’s move from traditional communications to mobile adoption and on to the connected promise of mHealth. Called upon by Apple in 2010, he presented the value proposition of iPads as sales rep devices. Now iPads are the industry’s default tablet for reps. He also launched the first pharma industry app in the iOS App Store in 2012, and designed and taught three separate agencies innovative, effective ways to use mobile/multitouch UX to align marketing programs to changing customer behavior.

Challenging healthcare’s status quo via smartphone, he partnered with Apple, academic research institutions, pharma, and major hospital systems to catalyze clinical trial transformation with ResearchKit and redefine point of care with CareKit. AJ is now focused on driving new outcomes through the idea of marketing as intervention.

“AJ has been critical in helping transform our digital marketing strategies; promoting sideways thinking in a vertical industry where digital is still considered just an execution channel,” says Stacie Garner of Edwards Lifesciences. “Utilizing remote patient care tools, we aim to more effectively diagnose and detect disease progression in a disease area that is undertreated, undiagnosed, and in which patients have a worse prognosis than cancer when their disease becomes severe. With AJ’s partnership, we are poised to deliver on a global roadmap to achieve our 2023 digital vision and execute on an innovation pipeline that is unsurpassed in our industry. He speaks on impending trends such as the democratization of healthcare, importance of mobile-first, remote clinical research, customer-centricity, and application of AI—all before we know that it’s important to our business.”


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