ELITE 2019 Marketing Team COSENTYX Rheumatology Marketing Team

COSENTYX Rheumatology Marketing Team

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Agency Partners: Neon, Hill Holiday, and Synapse

Novartis Team Members:
John Creel, Executive Director, COSENTYX Rheumatology, AS Marketing
Matteo Trotta, Executive Director, COSENTYX Rheumatology, PsA Marketing
Tatiana Yglesias, Executive Director, COSENTYX PsA Marketing
Sylvia Shubert, COSENTYX VP of Sales
Sofia Simao, Director, COSENTYX Marketing Excellence, Rheumatology
Adam Lissa, Director, COSENTYX PsA Marketing
Divya Vashishtha, Director, COSENTYX AS HCP Professional Marketing
Mansi Barot, Associate Director, COSENTYX HCP Multichannel Marketing
Melissa Clark, Director, COSENTYX PsA Consumer Marketing
Heather King, Associate Director, COSENTYX AS Consumer Marketing
Joan Zulawaski, COSENTYX Consumer Marketing
Leanne Hoff, Associate Director, COSENTYX PsA Peer-to-Peer Marketing
Jason Kuo, Associate Director, COSENTYX AS Peer-to-Peer Marketing
Vanita Patel, Product Manager, COSENTYX Peer-to-Peer Marketing
Erin Matrona, Executive Assistant, COSENTYX Rheumatology Marketing

COSENTYX Rheumatology Marketing Team.

Reaching New Heights for a Biologic

Whether on a flashcard, ad, website, or convention billboard, the emotional, positive, and motivational statements of the COSENTYX psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and ankylosing spondylitis (AS) campaigns are rooted in the stories and experiences of actual patients, and the women and men of the COSENTYX marketing team are honored to work on their behalf. These passionate people work closely every day to arm a dedicated field force with potent marketing materials that change minds, hearts, and lives.

Using proprietary research tools developed to segment, educate, and motivate rheumatologists, the COSENTYX team has helped patients with AS get diagnosed sooner—and get the treatment they need to move their lives forward. For PsA, the data story grows more and more robust every month, and has shown the powerful possibilities of treating with COSENTYX for the many manifestations of PsA.

It’s a never-ending, constantly evolving process, and the team has consistently risen to the occasion by analyzing data, converting it into clean, digestible sales pieces, and shepherding it all to an eager field force, whose feedback is quickly collected and diligently applied. And the results continue to outperform expectations. Within 11 months of launch, the NBRx numbers for COSENTYX surpassed all other biologic treatments, and COSENTYX is today poised to reach overall market leadership in AS and PsA.

Precision marketing. Smart analysis. Proven results. On the surface it is a successful formula. But beyond sales, this team shines brightest because they collaborate on behalf of the patients they represent, patients with PsA and AS who benefit from their dedication.


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