ELITE 2019 Leader of the Future Kelly Mizer of Sarepta Therapeutics

Kelly Mizer

Senior Director, Global Marketing Gene Therapy

Sarepta Therapeutics

Serving Patients, HCPs, and Payers

Kelly Mizer possesses a versatile commercial, medical, and scientific background, and has proven to be a man of many talents. During his tenure as Director of Payer and Patient Services Marketing at Agios Pharmaceuticals, he made an indelible impact in this role for the acute myeloid leukemia patient community.

One of those talents—Kelly’s keen understanding of the challenges specific to rare disease market development, patients, healthcare professionals, and payers, including how they interact—allows him to thoroughly understand the minds of his audience. Leading up to the launch of Tibsovo (ivosidenib), a targeted treatment for relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients with an IDH1 mutation, Kelly conceived and executed on ideas to educate payers on the unmet need in AML. This is where Kelly excels: Merging his rare disease/scientific background with his marketing expertise to develop a value story and strategic payer communications.

Since Tibsovo was the first-and-only therapy of its kind, Kelly focused on its targeted mechanism of action and highly specific patient population. He was deliberate in constructing the Tibsovo narrative for the Payer Value Proposition: The right treatment for the right patient, at the right time. Under his purview, the Tibsovo launch ran smoothly, including the simultaneous rollout of both payer and patient services campaigns, as well as spearheading the creation of 12 materials and two websites.

In addition to heading up payer marketing for Tibsovo, he managed the vision and branding of the patient services program at Agios. Under his guidance, myAgios Patient Support Services formed as a long-term support hub for all Agios offerings—present and future. Kelly was committed to being informed at every step of the way, and gathered learnings from past hubs and customers to make sure that myAgios provided the most streamlined and user-friendly experience possible.

Kelly manages to do everything with his usual mixture of respect for others, intelligence, and innovative thinking while never hesitating to challenge himself and his colleagues to think outside the box and implement lasting change.


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