ELITE 2019 Leader of the Future Justin Khalifa of Beghou Consulting

Justin Khalifa

Associate Partner

Beghou Consulting

A Keen Mind for Business Intelligence

“When Justin Khalifa came to me in 2014 and recommended we create a business intelligence solution for one our biggest clients, there’s no way I could have predicted that five years later business intelligence would be one of our fastest-growing service offerings,” explains Beth Beghou, Founder and Managing Director, Beghou Consulting. “Thanks to Justin’s relentless leadership, we now support thousands of users on business intelligence platforms and have grown our BI practice five-fold over the past three years.”

As the amount of data in the industry continues to increase, it’s essential that life sciences companies implement robust business intelligence technology. But they often need expert guidance to ensure they properly organize data for these powerful systems and make use of all their features. That’s where Justin and his team come in. Justin marries deep knowledge of business intelligence tools with substantial experience working with healthcare data. As a result, he’s a valuable adviser to his clients who helps them implement robust business intelligence tools—often in the face of tight deadlines. For example, he implemented Tableau for an emerging biopharma company in only four weeks (typical implementations take four to six months).

The client saw immeasurable value: “Not only did Justin accomplish the switch in the requested timeline, but rather than recreate reports we had, he made very thoughtful recommendations. The feedback has been phenomenal. Now our field-based teams identify trends and patterns much easier and make truly informed decisions.”

Aside from creating the business intelligence practice, Justin has also worked to grow the company’s proprietary technology offerings. He led development of Beghou Consulting’s new cloud-based data analytics platform, ARMADA, which provides pharma companies consolidated access to data sources and an improved ability to analyze and draw insights from large amounts of data. Justin also opened Beghou Consulting’s New York City office and became the firm’s Northeast Regional Leader in 2013. And by 2017, he became the youngest Associate Partner at the firm at age 32. 

“Justin has pioneered new paths for our firm and delivered consistently impressive results for clients,” Beghou adds. “As a result, he’s one of our key emerging leaders.”


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