ELITE 2019 Master Educator Paul Kudlow of TrendMD

Paul Kudlow, MD

Founder, CEO


Expanding the Reach of Medical Content

With more than 8,000 new research papers published every 24 hours, it is difficult for physicians to keep up to date—and even harder for researchers or pharma companies to break through with their content. So hard, in fact, that when Paul Kudlow, MD published his first paper seven years ago while in medical school, his supervisor told him, “Paul, good luck. You have to publish more papers if you want to make a name for yourself.” Paul would make a name for himself—by creating a platform to cut through this content overload.

Working with his co-founders Alan Rutledge and Gunther Eysenbach, they got the idea to solve this issue by mirroring what platforms such as Outbrain or Taboola offer consumer websites—recommended articles and sponsored content from around the web. So, Paul, Alan, and Gunther founded TrendMD to do the same for scholarly content. Currently, TrendMD is in use by over 4,500 journals from over 300 publishers and recommends over a billion articles to 100M unique readers per month.

While free to embed on a website, publishers who use TrendMD can choose to either receive a cut of the revenue every time a click takes visitors away from their site or earn credits that can be used to get their links on other publisher’s sites in order to drive traffic to their site. Additionally, pharma brands can use TrendMD to drive authenticated HCP traffic from top publishers to increase brand awareness, HCP leads, and revenue. For example, a large pharma company recently ran an international campaign with the goal of increasing scientific exchange for a research paper published in Future Oncology. During a three-week period, they received 9,000 inbound clicks from 5,324 oncologists and 3,676 pulmonologists with an average time spent on page for referred visitors between seven and eight minutes.

While Paul continues to build TrendMD, he is also currently earning his PhD in bibliometrics from the University of Toronto and plans to complete his medical residency. After all, he says the best way to determine how to continue to fill the educational needs of physicians is by maintaining a first-hand perspective.


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