ELITE 2019 Creative Director Marinella Georgino of precisioneffect

Marinella Georgino

SVP, Creative Director


Her Own Brand of Creativity

“Creativity” is a mutable concept—sometimes it’s bold, sometimes nuanced, sometimes clever. The Mari Georgino brand of creativity crackles. It is electric energy that throws off sparks that light fires and ignite fireworks and sometimes lead to sirens wailing.

Mari has run the West Coast office of precisioneffect for eight years, and in that time turned a good creative team into a powerhouse of talented creatives who support and push one another to greater heights. The proof is writ macro in the business results for the agency—revenue that has grown 20% in the last five years—and for clients.

“Mari’s mantra is ‘Surprise me,’” says George Recine, East Coast Creative Director of precisioneffect. “That puts the best kind of pressure on creatives. The kind you want. The kind that pulls better work out of you. It’s so ingrained and well understood by those she leads that there are basically two levels of work: Ready, and Mari-Ready. I can’t send an email to her without rewriting it four or five times to make it more simple, more interesting, more clever.”

One recent example is how Mari led her team in the full development and realization of the Cologuard test. From design of the logo and box through clinical communications and creation/articulation of the Cologuard character and long-running DTC campaign, Mari’s team elevated a small Wisconsin company into a Wall Street darling with what may be the most recognizable diagnostic brand ever. Mari’s eye for design and her ear for what consumers need is also currently on display in a broadcast spot for Afrezza inhaled insulin, which is credited with moving manufacturer MannKind to profitability.

But if you ask Mari how she measures her success, it is always about the people. All of her ACDs have been with her more than five years—and she’s grown each of them into unique, powerful leaders who command respect with clients and colleagues for their own brand of the Mari Method. While some have moved on to entrepreneurial ventures, they still credit Mari with helping to shape their point of view and find the courage to try something new.


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