ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Mary Ray of MyHealthTeams

Mary Ray

Co-Founder and COO


Creating a Social Connection for Patients

Mary Ray is dramatically improving the patient experience for the one in two Americans now living with a chronic condition. Despite this prevalence, the reality for many people is that being diagnosed with a chronic condition is isolating. The typical chronic condition patient gets only 15 minutes with her doctor every three months, yet the day-to-day reality is filled with new challenges and unanswered questions. People are seeking trusted information and authentic connection. This is what MyHealthTeams’ 33 condition-specific social networks provide.

Mary started MyHealthTeams in 2012 with co-founder Eric Peacock to make it easy for people living with a chronic condition to connect with others facing similar challenges. The company’s nearly two million registered members do just that, relying on their peers within the social networks for information, resources, life hacks, validation, and emotional support.

Additionally, MyHealthTeams partners with biopharma companies who share the commitment to better understanding the real-world patient experience and addressing unmet needs. With Mary’s leadership, the company has accelerated digital, mobile, and social initiatives for more than two dozen biopharma brands and their agencies. These partnerships span research that informs clinical trial design, patient education and patient activation programs that put the right information in front of the right person at the right time, and media solutions that reach diagnosed patients with highly relevant messaging.

Mary leads the company’s product, engineering, community, and content teams and continues to help build MyHealthTeams’ presence in 13 countries around the world. Currently, the company is focused on personalizing the patient experience and accelerating diagnosis and treatment by leveraging natural language processing and machine learning to deliver Smart Recommendations that automatically surface relevant content that other MyHealthTeams’ members have found useful.

In addition to her work at MyHealthTeams, Mary is widely recognized for her leadership in building highly engaged products and services with a successful track record as an entrepreneur and consumer technology innovator. She has also served as a mentor to up-and-coming women in technology at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and SXSW.


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