ELITE 2019 Talent Acquisition Leader Lisa Tamborello of Elevate

Lisa Tamborello, PHR

Executive Director


Recruiting and Nurturing Talent

In the agency world, especially for a growing agency, being able to source and retain the right talent is everything. Attracting, engaging with, and nurturing the right team can make all the difference between success and struggle. That is why Elevate was so lucky to have Lisa Tamborello, PHR, who in her role as talent acquisition and human resources, helped Elevate to soar in its first three years.

“Lisa continuously demonstrates that the best human resources leader is the one that also helps ensure longevity, productivity, and happiness beyond the initial engagement,” says Frank X. Powers, Elevate Co-Founder. “She is in a unique position to help Elevate change the game by bridging the gap between the short-term nature of talent acquisition and the long-term care and nurturing of that talent.”

Lisa leveraged social media to build excitement around open positions and buzz for the agency to help attract the next generation of talent. Then she did deep research into the individual needs and desires of the prospective talent in order to tailor offers that ensure optimal fit, transitions, onboarding, and ongoing job satisfaction. And she also provides plans for retention, job satisfaction, and career development for top talent.

As such, Lisa played a key part in making Elevate the successful agency it has become, moving from startup agency to an in-demand strategic partner in a short period of time. She is instrumental in engaging every member of what has evolved into one of the top staffs in the industry—a powerful mix of industry veterans like Chief Creative Officer Barry Schmader, Creative Directors Tara Powers and Steven Goldstein, savvy client engagement teams including Scott Harper and Erin Hlivia, and some of the premier up-and-coming talent in the business.

“Lisa is among the best champions of people and corporate culture in the agency industry,” says Lorna Weir, Elevate Co-Founder. “Not only does she embody the best of Elevate culture, but she has been a driving force behind the commitment and dedication that the team shows every day. Lisa is the glue who holds everything together, and helps all of us achieve our goals.”


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