ELITE 2019 Sales MVP Chris Dowd of ConnectiveRx

Chris Dowd

Senior Vice President, Market Development


Creative Copay and Access Strategist

Chris Dowd’s established success as a game-changing sales and market development executive stems from his excellent ability to build and maintain strategic and collaborative client relationships. Throughout his more than 25-year career, Chris has held leadership sales positions at some of the largest pharma manufacturers and agencies in the industry, pioneering prominent copay and patient affordability programs and creating innovative solutions for his clients.

At ConnectiveRx, Chris has proven to be a dynamic leader who has helped drive company top-line growth over 25% in 2018. He has built an industry-leading team of seasoned business development executives that provide unsurpassed client service demonstrated by consistent, long-standing customer retention.

While Chris oversees a multitude of clients across a variety of therapeutic areas, a great example of his sales and leadership prowess is his work with two of the company’s largest and most complex pharma clients. In these cases, his ability to develop and sustain close relationships with client’s senior leadership has driven mutual respect and led to the continued expansion of business across multiple therapeutic areas.

“Chris’ ability to effectively innovate new solutions in the ever-changing landscape of copay continues to amaze me,” says Tom Sellig, Chief Commercial Officer, ConnectiveRx. “His keen knowledge of the industry and anticipation of trend shifts allows him to be an agile problem-solver that makes business solutions a reality for our clients.”

Chris is an industry-recognized voice in the patient affordability and specialty medication arena, founding and chairing the annual CBI Copay Conferences on both the East and West Coast. In addition to his emcee skills, Chris has been a leading voice in patient access and adherence, providing insights into trends such as accumulator adjustment programs, the changing landscape of copay, and digital patient engagement.

“Chris is a walking encyclopedia of copay,” notes colleague Steven Crow, “and has been on the forefront of virtually every development in the copay industry over the past decade.”

His unique experience across pharma manufacturing and services, along with agency and sales experience, has led to a strategic, creative, and solutions-oriented approach to business development that has been adopted and replicated throughout the organization—delivering exceptional results and client satisfaction year over year.


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