ELITE 2019 Entrepreneur Janet Kosloff of InCrowd, Inc.

Janet Kosloff

CEO and Co-Founder

InCrowd, Inc.

Delivering Quality Market Insights On-demand

Starting her career as a registered nurse, Janet Kosloff always knew she had a passion for healthcare, but she quickly discovered that she also had a heart for business. After completing her Master’s in Healthcare Administration, she applied her healthcare experience to business management and innovation by building companies within life sciences marketing and market research.

Janet held management roles with several successful companies, established and startups, including Olsten Health Services and Consensus Health. In the case of two healthcare startups, Commonwealth Care Inc. and MedPanel, Inc., Janet helped guide them through successful acquisition. Working in healthcare market research also made her keenly aware of its challenges—and opportunities. In 2010, life sciences market research practices had barely changed since the early days of the internet despite the emergence of new enabling technologies such as cloud computing, on-demand analyses, and Big Data algorithms. She set out to start a company that would fundamentally change her clients’ ability to obtain and integrate on-demand, primary, life sciences market feedback into their daily workflow.

InCrowd opened in November of 2010. By May of 2011, the company received its first answer from its 1.8 million member clinical “Crowd”—the start of what is widely acknowledged to be the first agile market research solution for life sciences. InCrowd combined self-service real-time technology, access to a large Crowd of vetted healthcare professionals, and deep life sciences domain expertise. The combination allows clients to obtain real-time market insights, helping them make better decisions, faster.

In February 2019, InCrowd delivered its 2.5 millionth answer to life sciences clients. Janet started with only $3M in funding, and now InCrowd has more than $10M in annual revenue and has enjoyed more than 50% year over year growth on average. Given that only 5% of technology startups are owned by women—and 75% of all startups fail—Janet has defied the odds. And that is one reason why she made a personal commitment to mentor others and foster a new kind of more inclusive, socially conscious corporate entity. Janet employs a staff of 53% women and 47% men—a balance unheard of in the American tech industry.


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