ELITE 2019 Digital Crusader Michael Ruta of AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Michael Ruta

Digital Capabilities Lead

AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Pushing Digital Up a Level

In just seven short months at AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Mike Ruta has advanced the company’s social and mobile competencies through the delivery of a variety of impactful projects. Just two years ago, AMAG had acquired two consumer-driven women’s health products that were ripe for digital engagement. A mix of foundational and advanced digital capabilities were put into place, but the addition of Mike to the company’s Digital Engagement team helped bring AMAG’s modern marketing capabilities to the next level.

Most recently, Mike led the implementation of an advanced in-house social listening and insights gathering capability. He was able to sell senior leadership and others on the value of harnessing these insights internally by demonstrating the true business impact and cost avoidance this program would bring to AMAG. He also created a brand intake process, delivered the first set of reports to the brand team, and is on track to outpace the amount of reports the team had originally planned.

When AMAG brought on a telemedicine vendor last year for one of its Women’s Health brands, measuring the success of the program was challenging due to a lack of precedent for these programs in the industry. Mike thought outside the box, assessed publicly available data sets and owned metrics, and partnered with AMAG’s Insights & Analytics teams to implement a novel and creative way to track the program’s success.

That is not all. Mike has also implemented new social media guidelines for brand marketers, employees, and patients; conducted numerous social, mobile, and digital 101 trainings with the company’s internal medical, legal, regulatory, communications, and brand partners; and is near the completion of a modern social media command center which will allow all employees to understand the importance of social insights.

“In an industry where many aspire to affect change, there are very few who can get it done,” says Meghan Rivera, Vice President, Head of Women’s Health Marketing and Sales, AMAG Pharmaceuticals. “That is most certainly not the case with Mike. He brings a rare mix of an unwavering commitment to the customer, a focus on thinking outside the box, and the ability to seamlessly make things happen.”


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