ELITE 2019 Sales MVP David Shronk of Health Union

David Shronk

Senior Vice President, Media

Health Union

An Insight into Clients’ Needs

Since assuming his position in 2015, David Shronk and his team have secured significant new investments and renewals for Health Union. In fact, since he joined the company, media sales have grown 535%. And over that time, David has also grown the sales and media teams—from just a handful of people—into a highly disciplined and professional sales organization.

David’s pre-Health Union background includes a decade-long stint at GlaxoSmithKline, where he worked in both commercial analysis and product management. This experience has provided David with the ability to “walk in the shoes” of Health Union’s current pharma clients and understand all of the components needed for successful marketing campaigns. Additionally, it was at GSK where he gained his deep appreciation and understanding for the data, analyses, and measurement sides of marketing, receiving internal awards for work on digital measurement.

When he left GSK to become a vice president at comScore, he was a leader on the team that developed a DigitalRx measurement platform providing pharma clients with performance-based measurement and validation to show that media campaigns were effectively reaching the intended audiences and the audiences, in turn, were taking action. During his five-year tenure at comScore, David helped to generate sales revenue that resulted in a 300% increase over that time.

Now he continues to champion technology improvements to better serve clients at Health Union. For instance, David made sure viewability became a top priority when Health Union executed a sweeping redesign of every community in 2018. As a result, the revamped placement of ads and how they load on the sites increased responsiveness and enhanced usability in a way that worked better for everyone, including the user’s overall experience. He also recently oversaw the development of a programmatic-based product that both addresses the needs of clients while staying true to the company’s approaches to transparency, safety, and security when engaging with the people who visit its communities.

Those are just some of the reasons why Lauren Lawhon, Health Union’s Chief Operating Officer, says David serves as the “primary voice for clients’ needs because he understands their concerns so deeply, in a way the rest of us might not.”


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