ELITE 2019 Data Miner Whitney Kemper of Crossix

Whitney Kemper

VP, Analytics Products


The Data Set Connecter

Whitney Kemper is taking healthcare marketing analytics to the next level by developing new ways to get more utility out of healthcare data, while still preserving patient privacy. With a unique combination of expertise in analytics, healthcare data, and pharmaceutical marketing, Whitney’s work has unlocked new applications and value for health marketers.

Specifically, his novel approach to modeling for targeting purposes allows healthcare marketers to reach more relevant audiences across the digital and addressable TV landscapes. Whitney and his team developed the methodology and process that allows Crossix to see meaningful demographic patterns by analyzing massive amounts of information across the company’s data network. With this deep understanding of potential customers, Crossix builds enhanced consumer targeting models to reach those most likely to be a qualified health audience.

Whitney’s expertise has also been applied to building and enhancing other Crossix solutions that analyze more data more efficiently than anyone else in the market. Most recently, he and his innovative team have initiated work on developing a new attribution method to measure digital campaign performance more accurately.

Beyond his analytics skills, Whitney is a master at making the most difficult and dense topics interesting and understandable to a wide audience. His passion for data motivates the Crossix team as well as its clients and partners. He is an industry-recognized thought leader and is often asked to speak about data, privacy, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics. In the past, he has spoken at industry conferences, such as PMSA’s annual conference, a NYC Health Business Leaders’ panel, and several Advertising Research Foundation events.

Without Whitney’s contributions, much of the healthcare marketing industry would be light-years behind other industries in terms of executing and measuring campaigns. All of the top 35 pharmaceutical companies use Crossix solutions to improve their campaign targeting, measurement, and optimization. His work has effectively bridged the gap between industries and has allowed a notoriously slow-to-adopt industry to embrace these new offerings.


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