ELITE 2019 PR Guru Nicole Grubner of Finn Partners

Nicole Grubner

Account Supervisor, Finn Partners Jerusalem

Finn Partners

Photo Credit: Michio Nagata

Excelling in Communications Across Two Nations

Five years ago, Nicole Grubner left the world of elementary education to join Finn Partners Jerusalem as an intern. Since then, she has grown from a strong junior team member to a senior member of the FINN Jerusalem office, and currently oversees seven health and tech accounts based in the U.S. and Israel.

With her education experience, Nicole has fostered the success of her team members, guiding, mentoring, and working side-by-side to help them succeed. Nicole also serves as the director of FINN Jerusalem’s internship program.

Today, the Start-Up Nation is a major hub for health and medical technology innovation. These companies’ communications almost totally focus on the U.S. FINN Jerusalem, which concentrates on communicating to markets outside of Israel, has a special role in driving this global health effort and has become the go-to agency for health innovation in Israel. These innovations—medtech that eases the lives of clinicians and improves patient safety and AI-driven technologies that impact patient care and outcomes—are fast-moving and high-impact, requiring rapid action.

As business within the Jerusalem office has grown dramatically, Nicole has also introduced a new project management software tool to streamline tasks and projects across accounts to ensure she and her teams can work as effectively as possible for each client.

Client Ruthie Weitz-Leopold, marketing lead at health-tech innovator Datos, calls Nicole “among the most impressive communication professionals I have seen—her knowledge of the category and what it takes to secure client confidence is well beyond her years.”

Nicole was selected by FINN—along with one senior partner from New York and one vice president from Nashville—to represent the agency’s clients at the recent HIMSS conference, where the world’s top innovators in healthcare converge.

“Nicole has demonstrated time and again her commitment to her clients, teams, and the end customers we serve—the patient communities,” says Goel Jasper, Managing Partner, Finn Partners Jerusalem. “She is a strong communicator and seeks to learn and grow, even as she helps others around her to succeed. In addition, she recognizes the importance of communication as part of people’s care and knows that accurate information is essential to informed decisions.”


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