ELITE 2019 Transformational Leader Shaun Urban of The Inception Company

Shaun Urban


The Inception Company

Big Leadership at a Small Company

Shaun Urban joined The Inception Company in 2018, along with his long-time colleague and friend, Matt Giegerich, with a mission to lead the company into its next phase of growth. They were both impressed by the company’s core offerings of virtual meeting platforms, broadcast, video, and meeting services solutions. Shaun was especially intrigued by the great potential he saw in the company’s newest virtual meeting innovation, Pando, which integrates a full studio production with remote participants to deliver extraordinary engagement.

Shaun had an extremely impressive career before joining Inception. He was with Ogilvy CommonHealth for 13 years as a Managing Partner, where he started the payer marketing capability right after joining the agency and built it into one of the most sophisticated market access agencies within the industry. Not everyone can easily transition from an executive role at one of the largest and most successful healthcare agencies to leading a small, entrepreneurial organization. But Shaun faced this, and the daunting task of launching an entirely new product, with grace. Shaun brought passion, experience, and tenacity to his role as President and helped catapult Pando into the market, expanding its visibility, footprint, and client commitments well beyond forecast and expectations.

As an innovative leader across the organization, Shaun has positively influenced new business, client services, operations, production services, and meeting services. He has focused on instilling a positive growth culture throughout Inception, working closely with employees to build new skills and supporting their development as well as reorganizing account services and operations teams to be more client-centric. Shaun brought an extensive network of relationships with him to Inception (a testament to the respect and trust he has earned throughout his career), helping to more than double the client roster while also setting up the current year forecast, nearly doubling it versus the prior year.

As a true example of a transformational leader, Shaun keeps both his team and the clients they serve in mind, pushing Inception and its talent to deliver the most exceptional products and services to a growing list of impressed users.


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