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PM360 is published monthly by AMS Group, LLC, 72-11 Austin Street, Box 296

Forest Hills, New York 11375. Phone: (646) 300-8111; Fax: (800) 370-3229; email:

The magazine prints articles relevant to pharmaceutical product managers and marketing decisions makers. A majority of the articles focus on product management skills, marketing concepts, and various developments in the pharmaceutical industry; however, topics are left up to the author’s judgment, as long as they are relevant to the target audience.


Any article submitted for publication must be new—it cannot have been published elsewhere, and must not be currently under consideration by another publication. The content should be fresh and unique—don’t include information or ideas that can readily be found in another medium (e.g., your company’s website) or is already well-known in the industry. The article should also be both practical and compelling—readers want actionable insights that they can use in their current jobs.

The document should incorporate appropriate section headings to increase readability. Separate relevant information into sidebars to break up large chunks of text. Creative use of photography and figures is highly encouraged. Legends for all figures and tables must be included. The author is responsible for verifying the accuracy of all information provided in the article before submitting the document. Any information or data taken from outside sources should be acknowledged within the text or in a numerical reference list. The manuscript (Microsoft Word file) and accompanying graphics (see Graphics section) should be sent to Kathy Gilligan, Editor, via the aforementioned email address.

PM360 reserves the right to line-edit manuscripts for space considerations, clarity, and consistency with house editorial style. The corresponding author will have the opportunity to review the edited article to approve any editorial changes and respond to any specific comments or questions. The copy may be further edited after this stage to conform to physical editorial space restraints.


Articles (excluding Industry Case Studies) must not be promotional toward any specific company, product, or service. Authors should provide a brief summary or outline of the proposed topic for approval. Manuscripts with promotional content will be returned to the corresponding author for revisions. All authors should provide high-resolution headshots or full body shots large enough for the Art Director to manipulate (see Graphics section).

Cover Stories and Feature Articles. Articles should not exceed 1,500 words in length (not including any graphic caption or author information) and should attempt to educate the reader about the topic at hand. Authors may write in either the first or third person; however, articles voiced in the third person are preferred. Authors should provide visual graphics, including photographs, figures, and tables. If no graphics are provided, any suggestions or ideas for stock photography would be appreciated. Cover Stories may require additional graphics/photos.

Guest Commentary. Submissions should not exceed 400 words in length; opinionated, but non-promotional, articles written in the first person are encouraged. Authors should provide high-resolution headshots or full body shots large enough for the Art Director to manipulate.

Special/Recurring Departments. Article length and voice will vary. Authors should provide visual graphics, including photographs, figures, and tables. If no graphics are provided, any suggestions or ideas for stock photography would be appreciated.

Industry Case Studies. Interesting and informative case studies that discuss past product strategies and success. The articles should be approximately 1,000 words in length and may be written in either the first or third person. The manuscript must describe what and why the study was planned, the strategies used by the team, and measurable results. Photographs, figures, and tables related to the study are highly encouraged.


Figures and Tables. Any graphic- or information-intensive figure or table should be provided as a Microsoft PowerPoint file. Each one should have an accompanying caption or legend indicating the title of the compiled data, as well as definitions of any abbreviations or acronyms. The images must be clear, readable, and should include any data points (if applicable) for editorial reference checking and for accurate recreation by the Art Director. The author must cite the original source of the material or data in the caption or legend. Permission to reproduce or modify copyrighted artwork or information must be obtained by the author before submission.

Photographs. Photos must be submitted in a high-resolution format (300dpi, 1 MB in size or larger, jpeg files preferred). All photos, including headshots, article artwork, or stock photography, should attempt to be clean and professional. Authors should wear business or business-causal attire in their photographs. If the photographer requires a photo credit, the corresponding author must provide the information either in an email or in the article text.


Any article accepted for publication will require all authors to sign a copyright release form, indicating that AMS Group, LLC, retains all copyrights to the article in its published form.


Reprints of any editorial content will be made available by request. Further information can be obtained by contacting Jon Brulloths, Production Director, at: (646) 300-8112 or