ELITE 2019 Data Miner Jeff Catlin of Lexalytics

Jeff Catlin

Founder & CEO


The Ultimate Text Analyst

Jeff Catlin has taken his passion for text analytics and built Lexalytics into one of the world’s leading companies in text and sentiment analysis. Since founding the company in 2003, Jeff has pioneered a number of industry firsts in the field of text analytics, including the first commercial sentiment analysis engine, which enabled machines to determine the tone and sentiment of large sets of text content; the first Twitter/microblog-specific text analytics in 2010; the first semantic understanding based on Wikipedia in 2011; and the first unsupervised machine learning model for syntax analysis in 2014.

As the technology progressed and Lexalytics grew, Jeff recognized a growing demand for his company’s natural language processing (NLP) technologies in a variety of vertical industries, chief among them, pharmaceuticals. While most industries generate massive volumes of consumer data, companies in the pharma space face unique challenges in drawing actionable insights from this data due to regulatory and compliance restraints, the dizzying array of pharma-specific words and phrases, and the arcane terminologies used by providers and patients alike.

So in July 2017, Jeff and his team released the Pharmaceutical Industry Pack to meet the specific needs of market researchers, social media marketers, voice of customer (VoC) professionals, and key opinion leaders (KOLs) working in the pharma space. The Pharma Pack leverages the company’s NLP, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to gain important insights, such as identifying co-occurrences of medications, conditions, symptoms, and sentiment; uncovering whether more patients have a positive experience at certain dosages of certain medications; and determining if patients are being prescribed certain medications for off-label symptoms. Additionally, pharma companies can use it to manage KOLs and ensure compliant communication; analyze social conversations from patients about their brands; and accelerate research and development by quickly analyzing thousands of research papers, reports, and study notes. All of this is ready to work for pharma marketers right out of the box with no need for significant training.

Because of Jeff’s answer to this market need, Lexalytics has been able to significantly grow its pharma customer base to include clients such as Biogen, Avanir, Genentech, and many more—all in the last 18 months.


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