Even as new apps continue to flood the various app marketplaces, old apps are constantly being tinkered with, updated, revamped and, to put it bluntly, improved. After all, in this day and age if you are not constantly moving forward then you will be left behind. Here is a look at some apps that can help make your life a little easier thanks to some new enhancements.


Wunderlist Pro: Professional Productivity Enhanced

While 6Wunderkinder’s Wunderlist app is known for personal productivity, its latest offering, Wunderlist Pro ($4.99 a month or $50 a year) for iOS devices is all about team collaboration. If you are working on a group project you can use the app to assign tasks to colleagues and track their progress. You can even assign an unlimited number of subtasks to break down each person’s responsibilities to make everything more manageable. The app’s Action Bar helps you keep your lists in order as you can sort by due date, alphabetically or by assignee as well as print your most pressing to-dos.


Google Hangouts: A Livelier Talk

Google has replaced its Talk app with a mobile version of Google Hangouts (free) and made it available on multiple platforms including Android and iOS devices as well as your desktop through Gmail. While having conversations in Hangout you can easily share photos as well as express your emotions with emoji. Chats can also easily become video calls with up to 10 people able to join in. You can even watch public Hangouts On Air, which can include everything from concerts to discussions with public officials.


eBay: Mobile Shopping Made Easier

The latest update to eBay’s app (free) for iOS 5 or higher devices not only gives the user interface a face-lift but it allows you to bid on multiple items at the same time, view larger photos and improves your ability to make last-minute bids on those items you just need to have. Also available in select U.S. states, you can scan your driver’s license with the phone’s camera for quick and easy registration.


Pinterest: Pinning on the Go

Pinterest has announced a few new features on its main site, including pins with more information such as product pins that could let you know where to buy that pair of shoes or movie pins that could contain a rating of a film. The popular visual social media site also updated the Pinterest app (free) so that users can now receive notifications when people comment on one of their pins or mention their name, as well as providing the ability to easily send pins directly to your family or friends right from your phone. Search has also been improved with suggested options displayed as you type.


LinkedIn: Going Beyond 9 to 5

The workday rarely ends when you leave the office, and professionals on the go are always looking for ways to stay in the know. The redesigned LinkedIn app (free) for the iPhone and Android puts more professional insights front and center. The app delivers a visual stream of the latest updates from people in your network, news and the most recent blog posts from the Influencers you are following. There are also more personalized options so you can customize the app for quicker navigation to your favorite features.



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