The MSL Society, which serves as a voice for the profession and is the first ever global nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the MSL profession, held its first global conference and gala April 1–3 in Philadelphia.

The conference and gala was an extension of the organization’s mission to bring together MSL and Medical Affairs professionals to share their knowledge and network in an effort to support the profession. A number of innovative approaches to key issues that were discussed throughout the conference included building global MSL teams, MSL metrics, HEOR, KOL relationship management and MSL compliance.

Some of the industry leaders and members of the MSL Society that spoke included:

Mitch Trujillo, VP of Medical Affairs, Bayer

• Dr. Stewart Rosen, VP of Medical Affairs with Quintiles

• Dr. Robert Ang, VP of Medical Affairs with Cadence Pharmaceuticals

• Dr. Elizabeth Kupferer, Dir. of Medical Affairs with Sequenom

“Our first conference was a success and achieved our goal of providing attendees with multiple educational sessions that addressed topics critical to MSLs while offering numerous networking opportunities,” stated Dr. Samuel Dyer, Chairman of the Board of the MSL Society.

The next MSL Society conference will be this fall in Paris.


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