ELITE Tech-Know Geek David Windhausen of Intouch Solutions

David Windhausen

Executive Vice President

Intouch Solutions


The Perpetual Innovator

David Windhausen loves technology. So much so, that he actually needs five different jobs just to manage all of the ideas he has in mind for what to innovate next. In addition to his role at Intouch Solutions, David is also the Founder of an innovation think-tank called Shifters, the Principal of innovation-consulting firm Linchpin Technologies, and the Founder and CEO of TiBi.tv, an award-winning social commerce influence engine that integrates with SmartTV.

TiBi.tv has the potential to transform eCommerce as we know it. TiBi (Tag It or Bag It) learns what viewers like to watch and places targeted product information into the show. Viewers can then “Bag” (purchase or share) what they see on screen—without stopping what they’re watching. On the advertisers’ end, the program offers unprecedented insight into their audiences, with increased targeting opportunities and ultimately a better ROI.

But this is nothing new for David. For the past 30 years, he has been maximizing technology to generate the most useful and user-friendly solutions for clients. If you can remember way back to when the iPad first hit the market, you may recall that people were simply using it to store content. But David saw potential. Alongside his team, he created Allora, a cloud-based system that manages the delivery of content all the way from a sales rep to a healthcare provider, and ultimately to the patient. Suddenly, a conversation at the brand level was transformed into a technology capable of influencing patient adherence and compliance.

David also led the charge to combine Intouch Solutions’ variety of tech services into one cohesive group, and transformed the way these resources worked. Creating an overarching process with the experts under one roof allows the company to efficiently generate game-changing, high-quality technology solutions.

“David’s unique, tech-driven background is a boon to Intouch clients,” says Faruk Capan, CEO of Intouch Solutions. “His entrepreneurial mind helps us explore technology to uncover new ideas and new solutions to drive our clients’ businesses forward.”


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