PM360’s annual showcase of some of the best creative work from agencies serving the life science industry from the past year. Here are our 20 selections of the best submissions we received this year. Each agency explains the creative process behind their campaign and lists the people responsible for working on it.

Artcraft Health

Artcraft Health

Trumenba Augmented Reality Starter Kit



Educating and empowering behavior in adults can be challenging, but it is even more so in teens. Artcraft Health, together with Pfizer, developed an integrated starter kit that incorporates Augmented Reality to engage and enrich a teen’s interaction with the resource, and motivates the teen to get vaccinated for Meningitis B. The interactive starter kit visualizes the three key steps to help protect against Meningitis B: START the journey; STAY the course; SHARE the facts.

Augmented Reality is leveraged in the app as a unique and competitive differentiator to reach teens with interactive health education in an innovative way. Once downloaded, teens hold their phones over three separate Augmented Reality “targets” to experience a 3D view of a video clip of a Meningitis B survivor sharing her story; view animations of a teen feeling ill (from onset of vague flu-like symptoms to death can occur in as little as 24 hours) and common items that may spread the disease (sharing cups, sharing lip gloss, eating from the same bowl of snacks).

Since launch, the app has been downloaded 1,600 times and has been given a five star rating in the Google Play store. Promotional efforts continue with its rich visual, interactive, and relevant content.

Agency Team:
Vice President Strategic Accounts: Katie O’Neill
Vice President, Creative Director: Rich Miller
Director of Content: Lynn Altmaier
Editor: Brett Kaplan
Director of Technology: Josh Gilper
Director, Market Strategy: Shauna Aherne

Biosector 2/inVentiv Health

Biosector 2/inVentiv Health

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health


Public perception of mental illness is often tied to tragedy: Confrontations, suicides, shootings. Behind the headlines is a society historically afraid to talk about mental health in a meaningful way.

Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health is a creative alliance between Demi Lovato, a singer living with bipolar disorder, five leading advocacy groups (DBSA, The JED Foundation, MHA, NAMI, and the National Council for Behavioral Health), and Sunovion Pharmaceuticals encouraging individuals living with mental illness to speak up to spark change in their lives and communities.

Be Vocal launched in May 2015 through earned/social media and multimedia PSAs, and then took to Capitol Hill in October 2015. With no paid placements, Be Vocal sparked significant stakeholder action by enlisting a credible voice with a compelling story and reaching individuals outside of the mental health advocacy community through strategic media relations, powerful imagery, and impactful messaging.

From May until December 2015, Lovato conducted 24 interviews. A total of 547 stories were generated including: 370 original articles; 76.6K+ tweets, which included #BeVocalSpeakUp; received 51,336 unique visitors; and notably, the crisis text line featured throughout the website saw a 38% increase in the number of conversations on launch day compared to the two days prior.

Biosector 2 Team:
Senior Team Lead: Keri McDonough
Senior Team Lead: Liz Frank
Team Lead: Stephanie Budnick
Team Lead: Amra Maynard
Team Member: Devonne Sutton
Team Member: Chaz Cox
Team Member: Becca Zodd
Team Member: Zohra Roy
Digital Team Member: Chelsea Kaczmarek
Digital Team Member: Christina Hanlon

inVentiv Creative Studios Team:
Head: Robin Pomeranz
Art Director: Samantha Dewys
Senior Digital Producer: Stephen Nelson
Director of Design: Jamie Calabro

Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim

Pradaxa Redfish


We at Boehringer Ingelheim are proud to have launched the first novel oral anticoagulant (NOAC), Pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate), a prescription blood thinner that lowers the chance of blood clots forming in patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) not caused by a heart valve problem. We also developed the first specific reversal agent for dabigatran. We recognize this leadership position comes with significant responsibility. People living with AFib are at five times greater risk of stroke. Anticoagulant treatment can greatly reduce risk of stroke, but is also associated with an increased risk of bleeding. Understanding the risks and benefits of available treatment choices is complex, and many people with AFib do not have access to the information needed for productive conversations with their doctors.

Despite several existing direct-to-consumer (DTC) initiatives, our market research identified gaps in disease awareness and understanding treatment. To help inform patients, we created a unique DTC campaign—Pradaxa Redfish. Using visual storytelling and the metaphor of Redfish as “blood cells” flowing throughout the body, we hope to provide easy-to-understand facts that help patients with AFib not caused by a heart valve problem learn about their increased risk of stroke, the benefits and risks of treatment, and the availability of a specific reversal agent.

Boehringer Ingelheim Team:
Vice President, Cardiovascular Marketing: Denise Strauss
Director, Consumer Marketing, Cardiovascular Marketing: Nanci Silverman

GSW Team:
Executive Director: Susan Perlbachs
Executive Creative Director: Nicholas Capanear
Creative Director: Jeannine Doumar
Art Supervisor: Kirby Cobb
Copy Supervisor: Kaitlin O’Shaughnessy
Group Creative Director: Frank Mazzola
Group Creative Director: Anthony Turi
Director of Integrated Production: Jon Parkinson
Account Director: Mary Neiweem

Calcium USA

Calcium USA

United Therapeutics
Orenitram (treprostinil) Adaptability Campaign


Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a progressive disease that requires progressive treatment. The key differentiator for Orenitram is its ability to adapt and be used for a range of PAH patients. What better way to show adaptability than nature’s epitome of adaptation? Yes, the Chameleon. He’s a cool-looking, color-changing, Darwinian masterpiece. We named ours “Oren.” And Oren represents all the different ways Orenitram is adaptable. From dosing strengths and titration, to different patient types, to use in transition or combination, etc. Just like Oren matches his surroundings, Orenitram adapts.

This campaign was designed to launch along with the release of a new labeling update for Orenitram that features the ability to transition from United Therapeutics’ sister product: Remodulin (treprositinil) parenteral therapy. All of the materials point out that Orenitram is the only oral prostacyclin analogue and that it can be used early (WHO functional class II and III) and be titrated as needed based on clinical response and tolerability. With this messaging in mind, physicians can now adapt their PAH treatment regimens to use a prostacyclin-class therapy earlier and more often.

Agency Team:
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Hamburg
Creative Director, Copy: Chris Hatton
Creative Director, Art: Mick Rogers
Account Lead: Garth McCallum-Keeler

closerlook, inc.

closerlook, inc.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.
Entyvio Interactive Article Campaign & MOA Game


This Entyvio digital campaign drives HCPs to view a series of three short, immersive interactive articles about the clinical aspects of Entyvio. Rich media banners, segmented SEM banners, and a series of email campaigns reach HCPs through a variety of media, such as HCP-focused social platforms and CRM programs. The articles use animated GIFs, videos, infographics, and interactive charts to tell a detailed story in two- to three-minute experiences. The campaign relies on unifying digital elements and a trusted thought leader to tell the broader brand story through the three-article series. Tracking methods capture the messages the user is exposed to, as well as the depth to which he or she interacts with each message.

Meanwhile, the Entyvio MOA game uses basic game theory to make learning about the treatment’s mechanism of action fun and competitive. The gameplay relies on nostalgia for the classic skee ball arcade game to draw in HCPs and the field sales force players at a crowded convention booth or during other live events. Questions educate players on the clinical aspects of the Entyvio MOA, and a leaderboard builds a sense of competition and drives repeat plays. Branding elements and 3D renderings align the game with the treatment’s larger HCP-facing campaign. Correct and incorrect answers are recorded at the individual and aggregate level for continued refinement of the content and to inform future campaigns to these audiences.

Agency Team:
Senior Art Director: Mary Fearn
Writing Director: Taylor Birkey
Creative Director: Ryan Kasner
Account Director: Chanelle Harceg
Group Project Director: Amanda Harasti
Senior Strategist: Laura Ziemer
Motion Media Director: Dan Hervey
Director of Interactive Technology: Nathan Henry
Interactive Lead: Jon Varner
Director of Quality Assurance and Business Analysis: Pat Conlon
Interactive Design Director: Lara Kocab

Client Team: 
Brand Team Lead for Interactive Articles: Larry McNally
Brand Team Lead for MOA Game: Jonathan Israel

Concentric Health Experience

Concentric Health Experience

Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
The Ferring Reproductive Health Stork—Delivering Support at Every Step


Ferring Reproductive Health (FRH) products include MENOPUR® (menotropins for injection) and ENDOMETRIN® (progesterone); both have been trusted brands in the fertility market for several years, with very different looks and messaging. To stay current, and to reposition FRH as the authority on the in vitro fertilization (IVF) experience, FRH tasked the agency with creating a campaign that would encompass both brands and represent the entire franchise as a trusted scientific and emotional partner to physicians and patients. The FRH Stork Campaign successfully tackled this challenge by incorporating a branded stork as a symbol of Ferring’s commitment to physicians and patients through the entire IVF process, from start to finish.

The FRH Stork Campaign carries the message of “delivery” throughout the franchise, MENOPUR, and ENDOMETRIN stories, complementing the implied action of the stork as a reliable deliverer of fertility. The campaign successfully portrays FRH as a constant, knowledgeable, and reliable companion to physicians and patients along the IVF journey—from the first steps patients take in the consumer ad, to the reproductive endocrinologist in the professional franchise story, to the lab where the stork is by the physician’s side with MENOPUR, and finishing the journey with effective luteal support with ENDOMETRIN.

Agency Team:
MP, Executive Creative Director: Adam Cohen
SVP, Creative Director, Art: Kieran Corrigan
SVP, Creative Director, Copy: Michelle Christman
SVP, Creative Director, Art: Jim Lolis
VP, Associate Creative Director: Chad Polovick
VP, Group Copy Supervisor: Elisabeth Gibbons
EVP, Director of Strategic Integration: Andrew Bast
SVP, Account Director: Amy Lewis
VP, Account Director: Julie Preston
VP, Account Director: Sarah Farrugia


Client Team:
Head of Marketing: Keith Pieper
Manager, Brand Marketing: Michael Weinstein
Associate Manager, Product Promotions: Jennifer Accumanno



Jazz Pharmaceuticals
“See the Signs of VOD”


Jazz Pharmaceuticals tapped Dudnyk to create an impactful disease awareness campaign that would draw attention to veno-occlusive disease (VOD), a rare but potentially deadly disease, which can follow a hematopoietic stem cell transplant. Research confirmed that VOD was not top of mind for physicians, so the campaign had to work hard to encourage vigilance for signs and symptoms and to reinforce the life-threatening consequences for patients whose disease has gone unrecognized.

The campaign delivers a striking image of an inflamed liver that is threatening to erupt as the symptoms of VOD emerge. The powerful visual combined with a strong call-to-action shakes physicians out of their complacency, educates them on key symptoms to watch out for, and encourages them to think about the very real danger of VOD following a hematopoietic stem cell transplant.

Agency Team:
SVP, Creative Director: John Kemble
SVP, Creative Director: Laurie Bartolomeo
Art Director: Katie Neuman
Associate Creative Director, Copy: Michele Mayne
Group Copy Supervisor: Dan Gleason
VP, Account Director: Tim Anderson
Senior Account Executive: Kim Cosenza



Ferring Pharmaceuticals
CERVIDIL Campaign and Interactive Selling Tool


CERVIDIL is the only FDA-approved insert for cervical ripening. In 2015, Ferring Pharmaceuticals enlisted Fingerpaint to remarket CERVIDIL—after more than a decade with no promotion—to practicing obstetricians (OBs) in the U.S. To make an immediate impact, research was conducted with OBs to understand the marketplace and its stakeholders.

A value proposition was developed focusing on the control CERVIDIL offers, from administration to removal. CERVIDIL can be retrieved at any time after it is administered. This unique feature provided a simple yet compelling focal point for the new concept. The product became the centerpiece of the campaign and was shaped into a newborn icon, as well as other icons supporting CERVIDIL’s messages.

The creative concept has been implemented across a number of sales force and nonpersonal tactics, specifically the native iPad application. Between the strong campaign visuals, impactful messaging, and easy navigation within the app, the sales force is able to share the brand story to its audience.

Agency Team:
Account Service: Nora Flansburg, Jessica Lafave
Creative: Jon Wurtmann
Design: Bryan Hogan
Copy: Nick McDowell
Medical: Kim Irish
Digital Strategy: Slavik Volinsky
Illustration: Jerry Russell
Digital Development: Rob Barra, Thingee Corporation

Client Team:
Senior Director, Business Unit Head: Hayo Himmelrich, PhD
Brand Marketing: Rich Verde
Digital Marketing: Justin Rauschkolb
Marketing Services: Kristy Disimino
Medical Director: Luba Soskin, MD
Regulatory Affairs: Jay Kraker, Isabel Lamela
Legal: Gina Labib

Guidemark Health

Guidemark Health

Power to the People 65+


Through research by our proprietary company, Prædicis, Guidemark Health learned that seniors have a “take charge” attitude about their healthcare. So when launching Fluad, a new flu vaccine with a “booster agent” that offers a new way to protect people 65 and older—we branded it “a next generation flu shot for my generation” and created an ad campaign that fully engaged the client’s target audience.

The concept centers around an older couple whose generation had come of age in the 1960s and is still going strong. They’re now described as being “less concerned about being hip and more concerned about being healthy.” This includes getting vaccinated, not with a vaccine everyone else gets, but rather a flu shot tailored to people their age.

The copy in the campaign clearly spoke their language, proclaiming “The times they are a-changin’…again”—a nod to the revolutionary changes that took place in the 1960s and making it evident this vaccine is specifically for them. The result? This incredibly emotive and meaningful campaign gave our audience an opportunity to not only get nostalgic about the past, but also protect themselves for the future.

Agency Team:
CCO: Tina Fascetti
Creative Direction: Glenn Hauler, Paul Correia
Art Direction and Design: Gayle Macdonell, Pattie McCarthy

Intouch Solutions

Intouch Solutions


What’s Her Secret? – Blogger Event


Restylane® Silk and Restylane® Lyft are two new facial fillers that launched in 2015. Our challenge was to engage influential beauty bloggers in order to generate content that would drive reviews, shares, and early-adopter trial of these new products. How? We broke new ground for both our agency and our client with the “What’s Her Secret?” blogger event concept, a chic series of local soirees targeting top beauty bloggers in four key markets across the country to discuss the rising interest in lip plumping and facial contouring.

Our team swiftly created a themed experience that leveraged the mystery surrounding beauty secrets—extending personal invitations, creating signature cocktails, scheduling celebrity doctors, and developing an exclusive online media experience accessed through a locket holding a secret code. The events were beautifully executed and highly engaging, giving the bloggers a chance to experience the product benefits firsthand and to interact with top doctors in their areas.

Our beauty bloggers’ experiences and personal reviews ultimately introduced Silk and Lyft to millions of followers who aligned with our target audience—fashion-minded women seeking the latest and greatest beauty tips. Their multichannel content spread throughout Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the blogosphere, resulting in more than 2.8 million impressions.

Agency Team:
Creative Director: Jeff MacFarland
Associate Creative Director: Megan Thome
Senior Art Director: Kelly Anderson
Copywriter: Molly Gall
Art Director: Cayce Richardson
Vice President: Julie Levine
Account Director: Cara Neill
Senior Front-End Developer: Craig Hess
Business Systems Analyst: Dan Guinn
Account Manager: Lisa Korte

JUICE Pharma Worldwide

JUICE Pharma Worldwide

Valeant Pharmaceuticals
Jublia “Spa” & “Red Carpet” Broadcast Spots


Charismatic and recognizable, Mario Lopez brings the reality of toenail fungus, as well as a safe, appealing solution, to a broader audience than ever before—an audience that specifically includes women. He commentates a glamorous red carpet event when Toenail Fungus crashes the party. A story told through two broadcast television spots—“Fashion” and “Limo”—the Jublia toe (“Big J”), a benevolent celebrity on the red carpet, battles Toenail Fungus and saves the day.

More recently, we created a spot for Super Bowl 50 featuring NFL legends Howie Long, Deion Sanders, and Phil Simms relaxing in a secret, former-players-only spa. Suddenly Toenail Fungus hitches a ride in with an uninvited guest. Once again, “Big J” flies into action, fighting off Toenail Fungus. The three dynamic, widely recognized celebrities cheer him on—thus broadening the awareness and appeal of Jublia to more toenail fungus sufferers.

Agency Team:
Creative Directors: Chris Reese, Deb Strober
Art Directors: Troy Polsley, Idris Rashid, Steve Newman, J.P. Cokes, Tom Quaglino, Alyce Biggs, Christine Peterson
Copywriters: Sarah Hudnall, Jamie Mistretta, Dean Hacohen, Andrew Corbin
Production: Michael Kaminski, Jerry Levinson, Allison Candage, Gwen Korbel, John-John Butts, Dan Kokoszka, Rob Ondreicka, Ashley Salzano, Emily Herb, Lisa D’Apolito
Account: Colleen Carter, Joyce Griggs, Karin Locovare, Renae Powell, Kelley Connors, Pranita Mehta
Editorial: Juliana Mace

Klick Health

Klick Health

American Medical Association
STEPS Forward



In response to a rapidly changing healthcare environment and growing “physician burnout,” the American Medical Association (AMA) created a series of online educational modules that addresses common practice challenges with solutions that are scalable, understandable, and actionable. In addition, they wanted this program to further enhance the perception of the AMA among doctors by showcasing innovative thinking.


Physicians and practice owners are presented with huge amounts of information daily. In order to attract and engage this audience, the experience needed to feel fresh and different from traditional medical communications while maintaining a high level of credibility and offering tangible results.

Solution & Results

We created the STEPS Forward experience (—a new expression of the AMA with fresh colors, an accessible tone, and a dynamic interactive website employing the best of online learning UX principles. Built as a series of educational modules, each addressing a specific challenge, the site offers tools, downloadable resources, and live event listings. The content is highly digestible and interactive, engaging our audience and empowering them to implement these processes into practice. A major success, the program has reached 35,000 users since launching in June, with 86% of respondent feedback indicating moderate-to-high likelihood of implementing the online learning content.

Agency Team:
Group Account Director: Ainsley Sommer
Lead Strategist: Mark Makuch
Creative Director: Elliott Smith
Art Director, Design Lead: Heeyol Lee
Art Director: Erin Milnes
User Experience Director: Michael Melnick
Sr. Project Manager: Khavita Harrycharran
Technology Director: James Ballaban
Production Lead: Barak Gall
Development Lead: Julian Wills
Analytics Lead: Peter Cheung

Client Team:
GVP Professional Satisfaction & Practice Sustainability: Michael Tutty, PhD
Vice President, Professional Satisfaction: Dr. Christine Sinsky
Director, Physician Practice Resources: Sam Reynolds
Practice Development Advisor: Ellie Rajcevich
Account Director, Alignment Strategies: Laura Jacobs
Chief Health and Science Officer: Dr. Modena Wilson



Cynosure, Inc.
See Yourself in a New Light


Cynosure is entering the noninvasive fat reduction market with SculpSure, light-based laser technology that addresses the stubborn fat unaffected by diet or exercise. Love handles. Muffin tops. The perpetual spare tire. It’s a market currently dominated by a well-financed competitor, CoolSculpting.

The challenge for the agency was to develop a brand that would seize the interest of physicians and hit the psyche of potential patients. We conducted deep, qualitative research with potential patients via a smart community in which conversation was stimulated with interactivity and creative exercises. The key finding was that many of these patients have worked hard at their appearance—put in hours at the gym and tried scores of diets—with the ultimate quest of feeling comfortable and confident in their own skins. The goal was less about the external appearance and more about personal transformation.

Our team wrapped that insight in the system’s proprietary laser technology, which is able to deliver results in half the time of CoolScupting. We worked with photographer Taylor James to achieve the lyrical light apparel. The resulting “See Yourself in a New Light” concept proved to be a stunner.

Agency Team:
Chief Creative Officer: Deborah Lotterman
VP, Creative Director: Doug Chapman
Director, Creative Services: Tim Boyce
ACD, Copy: Bob Shiffrar
Senior Art Director: Bruce MacIndoe
Associate Copywriter: Emily Bourdow
Group Account Director: Kathy Carino
Senior Account Executive: Erin Mulhern
Associate Strategist: David Voshchin

McCann Torre Lazur

McCann Torre Lazur

International Association for Suicide Prevention


Suicide is a universal and permanent tragedy. For every one suicide, there are 20 attempts. When an MTL employee lost someone to suicide, she inspired efforts to create a positive movement in support of suicide prevention. A hashtag was designed to inspire action—to encourage those suffering to attempt life instead of suicide. #attemptlife was a way of reaching out with support, compassion, and kindness to those vulnerable to suicide with the hope of saving a life.

For World Suicide Prevention Day 2015, a small group with limited funds launched #attemptlife, inviting people to share videos of themselves attempting life across social media. We partnered with the International Association for Suicide Prevention and took to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to spread the message about what people could attempt with their life, instead of making an attempt on their life. Every brave, fun, and creative attempt was meant to be a life-saving act.

Agency Team:
Chief Creative Officer: Marcia Goddard
VP Executive Producer: Jennifer Dee
Creative Services Director: Stacey Crowley
Content Producer: Rebecca Binder
VFX/Animation Specialist: Patrick Johnson
Creative Director: Katharine Imbro
Art Supervisor: Heather Canova
Copy Supervisor: Fiana Jackameit



Abbott Vascular
Living Vs. Surviving


Since launch, more than 30,000 mitral regurgitation (MR) patients have been treated with MitraClip® therapy, with disease and treatment awareness consistently on the rise. Coming into 2015, there was a need to elevate the benefits of treatment and motivate physicians to take action against undertreated MR. PALIO set out to re-energize the identity of the brand and empower the physician which culminated in “Living Vs. Surviving.”

The campaign focuses on a compelling, emotionally driven story that reminds physicians that the benefits of MitraClip therapy go beyond clinical improvements—for many patients therapy can be life changing. Living Vs. Surviving urges physicians to act so their patients can experience a better quality of life. MitraClip is more than just a device, it represents hope, and helps people live versus just survive. Living Vs. Surviving has been well received internally and externally, with physicians noting that it is a powerful sentiment speaking to the importance of quality of life among severe MR patients who may otherwise be relegated to a sedentary lifestyle.

Agency Team:
Project Manager/Producer: Jillian Welker
Insight and Brand Strategy: Andrea Kretzmann
Creative Team: Michael Austin, Lou Massaia, Brian Chavez   

Purohit Navigation

Purohit Navigation

Focus Diagnostics
“Keyhole” Campaign


Campaign: Market research revealed low corporate brand recognition, as well as a muddled perception of the various products. Our “Keyhole” campaign addressed these issues by putting the company’s name and logo front and center. The campaign is also extendable to the portfolio level, thereby improving corporate brand recognition and ensuring portfolio clarity.

Creative Process: We literally brought benefits into focus by using the existing logo as a framing device to showcase the advantages of Focus Diagnostics products. Our campaign launched via a new trade show booth with panels that promoted both the parent company and its portfolio. The campaign also included a journal ad for the Focus Diagnostics flu assay, which launched at the beginning of flu season.

Impact: Our “Keyhole” campaign successfully raised awareness of the company and connected it to its products more closely.

Agency Team:
Executive Vice President, Creative: Monica Noce Kanarek
Associate Creative Director: Melanie Fiacchino
Senior Copy Supervisor: Michael Minnella
Executive Vice President, Strategic Development: Anshal Purohit
Account Director: Jennifer Scattereggia
Assistant Account Executive: Clark Stewart

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Sanofi Pasteur
Noodle Critters


Although direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medicine is prohibited in Australia, pharmaceutical companies can indirectly promote medicines via disease awareness advertising.

Our target audience was Australians travelling overseas to destinations that put them at risk of disease.

Reduced cost of flights had made overseas travel accessible to more Australians than ever before. They were travelling more frequently to destinations that could seriously put their health at risk. But they’d become complacent when it came to travel vaccinations.

Many felt they were impervious to disease or that their vigilance with regards to food, personal hygiene, and the standard of accommodation they’d stay in would keep them safe.

But it is near impossible to eradicate all risk—five star or no star, the risk is still there. And simple slip-ups like the lapse in hygiene of even one staff member of a hotel, bar, or restaurant (e.g., waiter, barman) put a traveler at risk.

We needed people to talk to their doctor and to get vaccinated.

Agency Team:
Creative Director: Craig Chester, Sharon Howard-Butler
Art Director: Craig Chester
Copywriter: Sharon Howard-Butler
Account Director: Samantha Stuart, Lara Sofizay
Illustrator: James Briscoe
Photographer: Jon Bader
Retouchers: Cream Studios
Typographer: Craig Chester

Client Team:
Senior Product Manager: Gareth Davidson

STRIKEFORCE Communications, LLC

STRIKEFORCE Communications, LLC

Harvoni “I Am Ready” campaign


For decades, patients with hepatitis C have been living with uncertainty. Wondering what Hep C is doing to their body. And trying to decide when is the right time to seek treatment.

Hep C treatments of the past were harsh, long lasting, and often ineffective. Gilead truly transformed hepatitis C with Harvoni. A single pill a day, minimal side effects, and up to 99% effective at curing Hep C.

Harvoni is the one Cure everyone has been waiting for.

Gilead’s agency STRIKEFORCE Communications developed “I Am Ready,” a multichannel campaign that emanated from a position of liberation and spoke squarely to the insight that patients were Ready to stop living with the uncertainties of Hep C and Ready to put Hep C behind them once and for all.

Today, Harvoni is one of the fastest growing and most successful launches in pharmaceutical history.

Agency Team:
Creative Director: Svenja Timme-Bastian
Agency Management: Mike Rutstein, Patricia Prugno
Account Team: Kashmira Patel, Molly Lasher

Sudler & Hennessey

Sudler & Hennessey

Jannsen Products, LP
Procrit Health View app


The initial request was formidable: Address an unmet need for doctors and their patients with terminal cancer, severe kidney disease, HIV, or facing major surgery, who are put at even greater risk because of dangerously low red blood cell counts or severe anemia. These patients’ day-to-day survival depends upon monitoring* a mind-boggling number of health-parameter data.

The creative process involved a unique collaboration with Jannsen Products, LP to create and develop an app. The Procrit Health View app was born and designed to assist with the collecting, managing, and sharing of personal health data for these at-risk patients.

Using the Apple Health Kit, user input, and lab data, the app consolidates all the relevant data, in a form that is simple to access and update, while pushing out real-time information via emails to HCPs 24/7.

The app’s impact is being felt by tens of thousands of patients and thousands of doctors worldwide. It puts the ability to monitor health in patients’ hands and alerts physicians about any potential problems, thereby reducing risk for those most at risk.

*Monitored parameters include temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, sleep (duration and quality), energy levels (activity), weight, drugs taken, as well as current and past lab results.

Agency Team:
Executive Creative Directors: Rob Rogers, Chris Duffey, Diane Ohye, George Lewis
Art: Jeenal Shah, Connor Delaney, Eric Hannula
Copy: Lauren Anton
Digital: David Cherry, Bill Evans, Mark Davis
User Experience: Thomas Barnes, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Bill Audeh, Karla Calderon
Account: Cynthia Gominho, Lauren Rubin, Katie Mays, Travis McShane
Project Coordinator: Lindsay Doscher
Business Innovations: Shannon Smith Lewandowski
Program Manager: Emma Marsh

Client Team:
Group Product Director: Jacob Bryant
Product Director: Troy Schurr
Senior Digital Engagement: Sergiy Skoryk

The Bloc

The Bloc

The Sneak


Twenty-nine million people in the U.S. have diabetes—and nearly 45% of them will develop diabetic eye disease, which can lead to severe vision loss or even blindness. But 90% of diabetic blindness can be prevented with early detection and treatment.

To warn people of the dangers that diabetes presents to their vision and emphasize the importance of an annual dilated eye exam, Regeneron and The Bloc partnered to create an unbranded, integrated awareness campaign featuring a character called “The Sneak.” By dramatizing the way the disease sneaks up on its unsuspecting victim and by illustrating symptoms that should cause alarm, the campaign drove people to see an eye care professional for a comprehensive dilated eye exam.

The centerpiece of the campaign was a website,, featuring interactive demonstrations of the devastating symptoms. The Sneak also snuck into banner ads, brochures, convention materials, and newspapers—everywhere unsuspecting people with diabetes can be found.

The program reached its Year 1 enrollment target seven months ahead of schedule. Thanks to this campaign, more people with diabetes are taking the threat of vision loss seriously, and getting to their eye doctor—before The Sneak can get to them.

Agency Team:
Creative Team: Conchita Funcia, Meredith Franklin, Steve Walsh, Marc Law, James Boyle, Robin Tzannes, Jon Pannier, Elizabeth Elfenbein, Stephanie Berman
Account Team: Chris Panetta, Rob Roth, Janett Benitez
Strategy Team: Prodeep Bose, Eric Fink, Lubna Patrawala
Operations Team: Andrew Wint, Ryan Lynch, Susan Kurowski, Pat Ellison 

Client Team:
Jordy Wetzel, Carmen Bowen


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