• The Ever-evolving Pharmaceutical Representative

    Feature Articles by on October 23rd, 2013

    No one can deny that sales and marketing priorities are shifting in the pharmaceutical industry, dramatically changing the role of the sales representative. With leaner and more agile field organizations, the rising use of technology and increasing emphasis on payers and patients, sales representatives must navigate turbulent waters to reach and influence physicians. Gone are […]

  • Nimble, Flexible–Contract Sales Organizations Are the Go-To Resource

    Feature Articles by on March 19th, 2013

    CSOs can seamlessly integrate multi-channel efforts that will drive impactful results. The pharma industry’s approach to promotion is changing. Much has been written about this, and there is much speculation as to where the industry is heading in terms of field headcounts and portfolio management. What is undeniable is the industry’s shift to greater reliance […]

  • Mature Brands into Profitability

    E-Source by on July 1st, 2012

    As the pharmaceutical industry struggles to increase revenue in the face of sluggish drug pipelines, tightening regulations, and retiring blockbusters, mature brands offer a significant opportunity to improve the bottom line. As brand marketers we face many challenges in our careers. During my 35-plus years of sales and marketing management, I have found that mature […]

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